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  1. Thank you all so much for the replies and advice. This is a great site. Just a few questions... 1) Do the Sunesta boats and the WT ssi share the same basic hull shape/geometry? In otherwords, some have characterized the ssx as the more 'sport' hull vs the ssi. So is the Sunesta closer to the ssi than the ssx? 2) What are everyone's thoughts on buying a new, 'old stock' boat? Seems like a few good deals can be found on new 2008 and 2009 boats. But is there any danger / risk / points of caution buying a boat that has basically sat around new in a showroom (or back lot covered) if its never been in the water? From an automotive perspective, having an engine sit for several yrs without operation isn't that good for the engine. 3) A suggestion was made to go for the sea core engine b/c I will use the boat primarily in salt water. How big a deal is this? Reason is these new 'old stock' boats don't have sea core. Does this mean I just have to do a really good job flushing the engine out, perhaps with a product like salt-away? Thank you! Maser
  2. So I'm in the market for a 23'-24' bowrider/deckboat, and could use some guidance sorting through the different Chaparral 24' models. We mostly will be 'family boating' in San Diego, CA harbor & bays, with an occasional open ocean excursion (maybe make the 25mi trip to Catalina Island). We would probably also do 1-2 annual trips to Lake Powell and Lake Mead. We have a 7 and 9 yr old; mostly tubing to date, but the older one is beginning to wakeboard. Current models are the 226 SSi, 236SSx, and the 244 Sunesta (which I guess comes in a tow/wakeboard version). Of these models...Which is best for family? Which is best (hull) for open water? Thanks, Maser
  3. Taking a hard look at purchasing a new 244 Sunesta, but also considering Sea Ray 230 Sundeck and Yamaha 242 Limited S. I've already taken the other two out for a 'test drive', but not the 244. Since Sun Country Marine (Dana Point / Ontario) no longer carry Chapparal, closest dealer with 244 inventory is in Fresno. This is quite far to go for a test drive. So I was hoping someone on this forum is a local to San Diego 244 owner, and perhaps I could arrange a test ride. Crossing my fingers, Maser
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