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  1. Yeah, definitely keep me posted on your trips, we are always going out somewhere. I keep the boat in Via De Palmas so your not to far away. Even trips down to Melbourne Harbour can be fun for a weekend, they are short runs, but its nice to hang in the Marina and hit a few bars in the evenings. Send me a PM if your up for something, I can send you my cell number
  2. geiser77


    I have these installed on mine, and yes, I have a separate ball valve mounted inside the transom locker to open and close manually. You probably don't want to suck air if the cap ever became loose or fell off.
  3. The lifeproof case is great, the only thing it doesn't do is get it back on the boat from the bottom, lol! I think if you drop it in the drink, nothing is gonna help it unless your in knee deep water. I have a lifeproof CE on my iPad and actually swam with it in the Exuma's to video fish and caves, no damage or moisture inside it what so ever. Never went more than an inch or two under the surface though.
  4. Congrats! We keep the boat in Sykes Creek as well. If your interested, we do many trips from Jacksonville to the Keys, cross the Okeechobee over to the west coast and try to make at least one run a year across to the Bahamas. This year we are heading to the Abacos and joining the "Stranded Naked" and Cheesburger in Paradise party. Definately a must do at some point in your boating adventures. If your ever up for a trip, give me a shout. We try and go somewhere at least once a month.
  5. On my 300, I use them in the following situations: 1. Rough seas and heavy chop. 2. Unbalanced load or heavy wind coming across the bow. 3. In slow speed zones of 20mph, I need to tab down to stay on plane. I've never used them for getting on plane, the twin 5.7's give me plenty of get up and go!
  6. Just my opinion, but you have three different batteries, you should always have the same type and size of battery when connected together or using a charger to charge all at once. This could be causing you more harm than good.
  7. Keep an eye on ebay, Hurley sells them there and you can often get one a few deer less thsn buying direct from the Hurley website. It should save enough to make a modification should you nded to.
  8. I am using the hurley davit and it works great! I carry the boat with the motor on it, except when making crossings over to the Bahamas, I put the motor in the cockpit under the aft seat. I used to use the weaver davits, and it was such a PIA tipping up the boat and having a loss of rear vision and losing the whole platform. The hurley has been great, I am using the traditional davit but they do have a newer version out as well. Good luck in the search and Merry Chritmas to you as we'll!
  9. 5 weeks a year to go boating? I think I would invest my money in moving somewhere I could boat more often. J/K, nice looking boat and congrats!
  10. Was this tested on a cold engine or one that had previously been run(and is still warm)?
  11. Hurley Davit is what I am using. It's easy to load and unload and can store the boatin the platform with the motor on it
  12. Kenwood has a square remote and a great head unit. Thats what I have in the boat.
  13. I have a wiring diagram for the sig 300. I can email it to you when I get home tomorrow. Send me a PM so I can attach and send it to you. Hopefully it will scan and arrive with enough clarity you can read it! It is very detailed and covers every wire from bow to stern
  14. Quite a few new boat manufacturers are installing them in the aft end above the platforms straight from the factory these days. If your boating in areas that your taking waves over the back of the boat, I'd be more concerned with other things. I'd say go for it and just use some caulking underneath the lips of the speakers to keep rain from dripping in.
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