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  1. Mich149

    Chaparral owners rally?

    Lake Erie or St. Clair works for me.
  2. Mich149

    Replacement Dashboard Panels

    Thank you Texas.
  3. Mich149

    Replacement Dashboard Panels

    Did you buy new panels or just refinish the old ones? I am thinking of moving things around on mine so I will need a new one.
  4. Mich149

    Replacement Dashboard Panels

    Does anyone know how thick (gage) the dashboard panels are? I am looking to redone one of mine on the 204, with a new radio remote and maybe move my GPS to the dash versus on top.
  5. Mich149

    Thinking new F-150

    This is the biggest thing I am looking forward to in a new truck. I am trying to wait until later this year to replace my 03 FX4. Is that mileage with 4x4? What gears did you end up with ?
  6. Mich149

    Chaparral owners rally?

    I would like to see something happen.
  7. Mich149

    Depth finder

    Does the Garmin require a whole new system or just the gauge?
  8. If you do it let me know, I can stop by and help. I may be looking into doing this as well.
  9. Mich149

    Shallow Cup Holder

    Similar, the local dealer was able to get me new ones and I just did the whole boat so that match. The newer ones have a rubber pad on the bottom now, kind of cool looking.
  10. Mich149

    Need high output alternator, WingNut?

    Nope, they are only higher at the SAE rated RPM (3000 if I remember correctly) and 70 degrees. The best way to select an alternator is to compare amp output graphs that show the output through the entire RPM range. Then determine at what RPM you need the high output.
  11. Mich149

    Need high output alternator, WingNut?

    Remember that you only receive the higher output when running at high RPMs. At idle or low RPMs you will have less amp output with the higher output alternator than you did with your old lower out alternator.
  12. Mich149

    What anchor? 2008 204ssi

    That makes three of us. Mine was close so a little grinding on each side was enough.
  13. Well to add my two cents in, during the spring I added LED lights to my cockpit. I added lights to my gunnels that are operated by the dash rocker switch. Then added another one to the engine compartment just in case the need to see what’s going on in there at night. I didn’t want the engine compartment light on all of the time so I added a second switch in the compartment. I found the circuit breaker panel with a blank spot and placed the switch in the CO MON slot. Next spring I plan on adding a three way rocker switch so that I can add blue lights as well. I may try to add some lighting to the bow but there aren’t a lot of good places up there without cutting holes.
  14. Mich149

    Shallow Cup Holder

    Thank you, I heard back from my dealer before the holiday. I just need to get ahold of him. Now I keep finding more things I want to replace/update on my boat.
  15. Mich149

    Shallow Cup Holder

    I was hoping I didn't have to go to the dealer for cup holders. But I guess I can check with Steel tomorrow and see what he sells them for. I live N/E corner of Ford and Lilley, in Pickwick Village. Where do you typically boat at, I keep mine in the well in Lk St. Clair?