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  1. Pops

    Bilge Wiring

    This what you are looking for? Just google "wiring bilge pumps".
  2. Pops

    Repair Gelcoat Chips

    I have not. I've just used the cheapo universal kits where one mixes the colors manually. For some reason, I don't trust the color charts where variations are possible due to what is seen on different screens. But have had good results where the repair is virtually invisible to others that don't know where repair was made, unless the light is just right or I point it out. I have found that the multitude of shades of white are the hardest to duplicate.
  3. Pops

    Repair Gelcoat Chips

    I think the hardest part of Gelcoat repair is getting a good color match. When mixing the colors, very little tint is needed to make a big change in the color, so take it a little at a time. The repair itself, is actually pretty easy, but can be rather time consuming, as you have multiple steps that need time before proceeding to the next step. Tons of videos on YouTube to show you how to do it. Have done some myself and the results were surprisingly good. Wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Just take it nice and slow, follow the directions / videos and you'll be pleased with the results.
  4. Pops

    Use for transom tilt switch?

    I find it to be a huge help when doing maintenance on the drive unit. Switch is right there instead of jumping in and out of the boat to tilt and lower drive when doing maintenance or cleaning. I take my drive off every winter for storage and it sure makes removing / installing a breeze. Installed one on my boat 3 years ago and don't regret it for a second.
  5. Pops

    Should I install Trim tabs?

    Best modification I made. You won't regret it at all. Bennett has a new auto trim setup that looks like the cat's a$$.
  6. Pops

    Single brakes in tandem axle

    My Eagle trailer only had drums on rear. Converted to Kodiac disc on both axles. Like night and day.
  7. Pops

    Floating objects in Lake Wallenpaupack

    You should see the Hudson River after a storm. Trees, logs and even complete telephone poles floating around. Like running the gauntlet sometimes.
  8. Pops

    Best way to remove decal

    Heat gun / hair dryer to heat up the decal, but just go nice and easy and don't overheat the surface. Just want to get the decal softened and pliable and loosen the adhesive. I would pick up a plastic scraper to use so you don't scratch the gelcoat. You can use a metal one if you are VERY careful with it. Goof off, WD40, acetone (anything except paint thinner) or zippo lighter fuel work very well in removing glue residue, but will remove the wax, too.. Just be sure to clean real good after removal and re-wax when done. Have done this many times with great results.
  9. Pops

    Help identifying rogue wire

    I, personally, would. Can't hurt
  10. Pops

    Merc 8.1 tach not reading

    Ahhh. The US Navy meter calibration program. Was on one ship and 50% of the gauges had cracked glass from that method.
  11. Pops

    Help identifying rogue wire

    Bingo...... I would connect the wire back up, since it is there already and someone at one time had it bonded. Can't hurt. Some plastics / synthetics can cause a static spark, just like metal. I would also mount that terminal strip, which is probably the reason the wire pulled out in the first place. Glad you found it.
  12. Pops

    '92 7.4L thermostat housing

    Never mind. Found one
  13. We do use the mickey mouse ear protection headphones and noise cancelling mics when testing BIG (2,500 kW) CAT, Cummins and MTU generator sets at work. Those machines are exponentially louder than a lawn mower. But they are the very pricey, wired, professional Motorola ones. I would suppose a Bluetooth would be the same. May favorite is the throat mic with the "on mic" or remote PTT button.
  14. Pops

    Help identifying rogue wire

    If you feel around in the area, can you find any "rogue" wires with no terminal end on them? I ask because I blew up the picture and it doesn't seem as that other solderless connector has been crimped, making me believe there wasn't anything connected to it before. Can you get a feel for here that green wire goes? The "fill" sure looks like a factory label. What is that hose with the double clamps just on the other side of the bulkhead? Is that the fuel fill? if it is, is the fuel fill metal or plastic? If it's plastic, that lead "may" be for if there is a metal fill there that should be grounded. If the fill is metal, and has no ground wire on it, that may be the problem. I would check that wire continuity from the terminal to the battery ground, with batteries turned off, just make sure it is indeed grounded.
  15. is it possible to do something about the hundreds of spam messages that have been posted in all forumsĀ in past few days?