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  1. Pops

    Engine noise - “popping” or “missing”

    Did they forget to put decimal points in there? That is about a 6-8 hour job, TOTAL. They must have done the estimate wrong. 12 hours to replace injectors????? 6 hours for fuel line????? Are they high? I would get back on the hook with Merc and question that estimate, or get another one.
  2. Pops

    Twin Mercs Trim Pump Schematic

    Found these drawings. Don't know if they will help
  3. Pops

    Uncle Chuck Schumer reponds to Ethanol

    ^^^ #1 Did the calculations, based on BTU output, some time ago and the conclusions were that: Ethanol based E90 actually provided zero (0) improvement in tailpipe emissions, due to the lower BTU rating, during a 1000 mile drive. This was caused by: 1. Lowered MPG from lower BTU ratings, resulting in higher fuel consumption to maintain equal speeds. (I personally saw this when my truck increased MPG by 3.9 mpg (21.7% increase) on non-Ethanol fuel, purchased down South, compared to E90 in NY). 2. To make up for the lower MPG, more fuel is used to complete the 1000 mile drive. 3. The increased fuel use actually consumed equal, or more, petroleum based fuel to drive the same distance. In all, it proved the Ethanol fuel actually cost more per mile than straight petroleum based fuels with no real world emissions benefit. I do suppose some clever researcher can "prove" it is better, but that is hypothetical, not a "Real World" application. Just like the crazy hockey stick AGW argument. When the baseline is upped to E15, it gets a lot bleaker, plus does the fuel systems / engines damage, if not specifically designed for the E85. Only winners are the Ethanol sellers.
  4. Oh.... The haters will always hate. LOL Remember when Dallas was on top for so many years and everyone hated them for it at the time? Then all of Dallas hated Jessica Simpson after she and Romo got together, and the rest of the world loved her for it..... Football fans can be an odd lot
  5. Pops

    Time to say goodby

    I'm kinda in the same "boat" as Brick. Talking about retiring and moving south to coastal NC / VA area. Really starting to hate the cold up here in NY (along with a host of other things, but not sure if this is the appropriate place for that discussion ). Don't think my old Chap was the right fit for down there. If I get another boat, it'll be with a pair of outboards on it, due to the constant salt, and probably a center console for fishing. Seems more practical than what I just sold.
  6. Pops

    Time to say goodby

    Is that "lake" where Prestone fills it's 1 gallon jugs? Just kidding. Nice set up. You have problems w/ spiders in those covered docks?
  7. Pops

    Time to say goodby

    Marc, I'll still be here, just not so active.
  8. Pops

    Time to say goodby

    LOL, downgraded WAYYYYY down.. Got a Kawasaki STX 12f Jet ski now. The big boat was just getting to be too much work for me with a very busy work schedule now. Rather let her go so someone can enjoy her, rather than rot / fall apart on the trailer.
  9. Pops

    Time to say goodby

    Time to say goodby. Sold my 2550 SX Sport today. Hope everyone the best and happy boating.
  10. Pops

    What is the speed of the high speed boat?

    Yeah, I suppose. Was giving benefit of doubt when he mentioned "shrimp tails", since I have seen them in action. Thought he may have been asking a legit question in VERY broken English. My bad.
  11. Pops

    What is the speed of the high speed boat?

    Ummm, it is a "Knot". 1 knot =1.15 MPH (1.852 kph). What is your question, really? The "speed of a high speed boat" is somewhat subjective and is to be compared to what? Anything over 25 mph (40.22 kph) , anything over 50 mph (80.47 kph)????? maihiendanag.... You from SE Asia? I know the "shrimp tails" fairly well as they were pretty common, along with the sampans, on the rivers of VN and Thailand. They are pretty quick and somewhat scary / dangerous, considering the long shaft w/ a bare prop attached sticking out the back of what is essentially a homemade outboard. Even saw some w/ V-6 and V-8 engines and they would haul a$$ on the back of a 16-20 foot long boat that resembled a dug out canoe. Anything can be made "fast", but at what risk?
  12. Pops

    Freezing temps, help

    It is not a problem, as those temps are barely freezing for a very short period. It takes a few hours well below freezing to cool down all the mass of an engine and it's internals to freeze it up. If it'll make you feel better, toss a drop light in the engine compartment (light on), cover her back up and sleep soundly. The heat from the light bulb (incandescent 60 watt or higher) is enough to keep engine compartment warm / above freezing temps in a soft freeze. Normally, a "soft freeze" won't do any harm. It's a sustained hard freeze (20's and below for an extended period) that will get ya.
  13. Pops

    Engine Removal Proceedure

    Try Jegs or Summit racing and look at their crate engines. That 5.7 is a no brainer in the racing circles and not too big of a price tag. Just be cognizant of compression ration and be ready to change the cam to a marine cam. Even bump it to a 383 / 6.2L SB for short bucks.
  14. Pops

    Engine Removal Proceedure

    When I drove a tow truck, many boat owners here in SE Mass hired us to use the wrecker to lift the engine out. Was easy, even when a boat was in the water, along side the pier, or in their driveway.