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  1. Pops

    2350 SX help

    Can you open the hatch and measure from mount point to mount point for the actuator? Have you attempted to register and title this boat yet? That is what I would like to hear was done. I wouldn't be putting any serious money into it till I had some legal ownership papers in my hand. That "aftermarket" HIN plate is discerning and I would be contacting "Cory's Custom Carpentry" ASAP and start begging them for info.
  2. Pops

    small electric current in props

    Using a small 3 prong plug in "outlet tester" also trips the GFI immediately, due to the "circuit to ground test" they use. PS: GFCI's began being required all the way back in 1971 around / near swimming pools. https://sdinspect.com/home-facts/when-and-where-are-gfci-receptacles-required/
  3. Pops

    Powersteering pump '03 chaparal

    Actually found a forum post about it. When I pulled the chuck out of the tank, it had the same Saginaw casting number on it as the new chuck. A lucky find, I guess. I just google'd it and a few posts showed up about it. I would be willing to bet that Penta pump is also a Saginaw pump (automotive chuck w/ a marine tank and pressure relief valve) but I can't attest to it. According to this website, your pump is same as my Mercruiser, so the guts would be the same, too. (They are selling rebuilt complete pump for one fourty seven) http://www.batterypete.com/batteries/volvo-penta-power-steering-pump-18-7508-16792a39-3863130-3888323/
  4. Pops

    Underwater anode changing

    For another supplier, these guys have zincs for any / everything, too. http://www.usazincs.com/store/
  5. Pops

    Powersteering pump '03 chaparal

    Don't know about the Volvo Penta, but, for an example, the 93 Merc 7.4L PS pump is the same as the Fenco1871021 or a '70 Chevy 2500 pickup (7200 lb) w/ 5.0. I did mine 3 years ago and fit perfect, except I only did the pump chuck (not the whole pump). I used the stock Mercruiser reservoir / tank and pulley that were on it. Pump Chuck was only like 30 bux at Autozone.
  6. Pops

    2350 SX help

    Kind of makes one suspect, as that isn't the original HIN, unless it's a Canada thing. That "Quote this number for parts" on the plate is odd. My 2550 SX has FGB*****J192 embossed into the fiberglass on stbd transom. The FGB is Chaparral, 5 stars are my serial number and the J192 is the date code. This link explains the numbers http://www.boatsafe.com/nauticalknowhow/hin.htm I would seal up those rivet holes, too.
  7. Pops

    2 new engines, overheat alarm

    Agree w/ BT Doctor. I can not for the life of me see where an "air leak" in an exhaust system would cause the problems you described in the original post, unless the wrong gasket was used, blocking water flow, not leaking air/exhaust.. Where exactly was this air leak?
  8. Pops

    Trim tab size recommendation

    ^^^^ #1. I would personally go for the Bennett tab systems as they seem to be the ones setting the bar for trim tabs. I have never had any trouble with my hydraulics. They even have an auto tab control out now (like a tab cruise control for hull attitude) that can be an add-on for the future, if you wanted. If all else is equal, the Bennett customer service is second to none. They go out of their way to help in any way possible, especially Tom, the "Tabman".
  9. Pops

    Trim tab size recommendation

    You could also look on the Bennett site and see what the recommendations would be and if set on Lenco, then use the tab sizing suggestions for them
  10. Pops

    Dumb question #173 - Gas tank vent

    Don't forget, the vent lets air in, too. Needs to let air in as fuel is used up, otherwise there would be a vacuum on the tank, causing fuel delivery problems.
  11. I hope you are joking..... Where do you come up with this stuff? Testing AC and charging is done at 2,000 RPM, not WOT.
  12. Have seen too many engines blow at high RPM with no load from a blown drive component while racing in Stock Class. Was into pro drag racing for many years (was a pit mechanic for a A/A Fuel Hemi Dragster) and the racing engines can take the majority of this abuse, due to their more precise balancing and higher quality components / valve trains. But OEM engines will come unglued doing this. Max RPM on a (mostly pre-ECM motor) with no load can cause, as stated, valve float which usually means a bent valve at best, or worse, a valve hole in a piston top and at the worst, a complete grenade event of the engine when piston / rod let go with no load causing the rod to stretch / restraining the piston at the top of stroke. The internal harmonics from an OEM balance job can also cause an OEM stock rod / crank to snap at any time from fatigue. ECM motors usually have rev limiters for reasons such as this. Best advise, don't do it. Maybe Cyclops will invite some of us over to watch while he demonstrates his theory on his boat. I'll bring the beer.
  13. Real good article about nitro is here https://www.hotrod.com/articles/hrdp-1304-what-is-nitromethane-anyway/
  14. Pops

    2 new engines, overheat alarm

    Both engines misbehaving exactly the same after both replaced????? That seems odd and quite unlikely but possibly human error. Maybe who ever put them back together duplicated a mistake? 2x wrong stats, 2x wrong hose routing, 2x wiring mixup, 2x wrong gaskets on exhaust? Just punting here. I would try to find something that could be common to both, a single source of failure, but a common cooling water problem in independent systems?
  15. What was that? I couldn't make it out.... Hearing protection you say? (worked on turbines and diesels all my life and lived through some pretty horrific gun fire and shellings) In the old days, we used cigarette butt filters, since real ear protection was hard to come by back then "in the field". We thought they worked.)