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  1. Thanx Futzin. Not going to replace her. Just have no time any longer with the job going crazy. Rather sell than let her sit and rot.
  2. Thanx. It's on Craig's List now. Gotta do boatrader today.
  3. I know we can't post any classified ads here, but where would be best place to post an ad for my 2550 SX?
  4. Another possibility would be a vacuum leak. Even a minor one will cause "run on". Spray a little carb cleaner around the carb base area / any intake manifold fittings while engine is running and see if idle speed changes. If it changes, there is a leak and needs to be looked at.
  5. Any Mercruiser that is running needs to have a water supply to the sea water pump while running. If not, the pump will wipe out the impeller in very short order. The pump always spins with the engine running.
  6. Welcome the boating world. If this is your 1st go around, highly suggest both you and the "Boss" take the Coast Guard or Power Squadron boating safety course prior to heading out on the big Chap. The big ones can be a handful for the 1st boat. That 280 Sig looks clean as a pin, but check carefully on the maintenance records (if there are any) and have a good survey done. And pay special attention to those Volvo drive(s).. Be safe and have fun.
  7. Probably don't "need" them, but once installed, you'll love 'em.
  8. Check the Bennett documentation for installation and you will see that the tabs should not extend below the profile of the hull. The docs give very specific examples. Tried to show pic, but site is restricting the file size limitations and can't get it small enough to post.
  9. I did rebuild the pistons on mine, all four of them, a couple of years ago as a general maintenance thing. Pulled them out, matched them up at the hardware store. Cleaned all the components clean as a whistle and re-assembled. I also coated the new o-rings with silicone grease prior to installation. Check to make sure your cylinders are free from any hairline cracks and the bores are free from scoring. If there are any, replace them. Don't try to repair them. They are cheap. That's about all there is to it. Really easy job to do.
  10. Yeah, that SX needed some TLC and I imagine the 350 would be a dog coming up on plane. I didn't see it was a 350. The big block is almost a must on that big heavy hull.
  11. Mine is the Sport with the sundeck, bench seat in back and bucket seats up front. Even have the original canvas enclosure for the cockpit, but it has never been used. I only use the bimini section. I did remove the "sound walls" next to the engine so I could step in there and work on the engine much / much easier, but still need to be a rubber man to get in there. I'm 6'5", LOL. Never saw the need for them, personally. Some use the two side areas outboard of the walls for storage, but I would never use the engine compartment for storage. Just seems wrong. As far as I'm concerned, one of the prettiest "sport boats" out there with pure classic lines, but still classy and rides really nice. I get tons of folks that just want to check her out when on the water. Best mod I made was adding the Bennet twin piston sport tabs. Handles like a different boat. Have almost 1400 hours on the original engine / drive, but transom plate has been replaced. Son can't wait till I am too feeble to deal with her (almost 70 now), so he can get his paws on her.
  12. I have the exact same / color boat (but a 92). I would be heart broken to lose her, too. You said yours didn't have the doghouse and DID have the sun pad engine cover. That would be the 2550 SX SPORT. The straight SX didn't have the sunpad engine cover, just the dog house. Here is a straight SX (not sport). Right colors too. http://www.boatingbay.com/listings/1994-Chaparral-2550-SX-436197
  13. Got almost 1400 hours on mine and no problems. Doesn't use a drop of oil and compression good / even across all holes. Again, it's up to how well it's cared for / flushed, me thinks.
  14. They did. Anything fro 5 bux to 100 bux. This link has a ton of them. The pic is one example. https://www.google.com/search?q=cable+tie+tools&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjc_6HFi_jZAhUDmVkKHeuKAdQQsAQIYA&biw=1627&bih=859#imgrc=_&spf=1521452321883
  15. Too much load, and / or weak springs, and / or improper / worn out shocks can all attribute to suspension bottoming out.