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  1. ^^^ great classic sport design
  2. At least they admitted they lost because they were beat fair and square, because they screwed up and were outplayed, plus Belechick said it was all on him. Didn't blame the fans, officials, 1/2 time show and Bud light commercials. Not even close to a democrat response. LOL Having a long face once a win aint gonna happen is kind of a normal response, I would think.
  3. Tailgate theft is a big problem. has been for many, many years. One of the main causes of the theft is some folks are pretty dumb when backing up and tailgate is down, hitting some pretty solid object with the tailgate. Ever see a pickup with a big dent on the top lip of the tailgate? Quite common, so there is a pretty active "market" for the hot tailgates. Since they are usually so easy to swipe (most don't even lock the tailgate if there is a provision to do so), the thieves get paid to go out and find a specific (color and style) one and swipe it for a "customer" who will just plunk it on and no body work / paint required..
  4. All over the news channels this AM. Operator of the larger boat said "he couldn't see the other boat from his seating position". Guess he couldn't see the looming shore line he was headed straight for at full speed, either. I take that as he wasn't looking. Negligence at it's meaning. Some people shouldn't pilot a boat.
  5. I have the Mercruiser manual for '89-'92 V8's. Sending an PM now
  6. May seem too obvious, but did you check all the fuses / ckt breakers? Might have popped the one for the ECM, or something similar.
  7. My manual shows 25 ft lbs (34 N-m) for Exhaust Elbows and Manifolds on all the V-8's
  8. I take mine off and store in garage.
  9. The Mercruiser hose kit doesn't use a valve on the hose / fitting, just a plug on the open end of hose and just the 90 degree pan fitting. Feed hose out of bilge, up along side engine. I added a longer section of hose to extend the reach to the turbo oil pump, and another hose from discharge side of pump for the discharge to the jug for the waste oil. As long as end of hose is above oil level / pan, oil won't flow out of hose when plug is removed. Gravity draining the oil thru the hose will take for ever. Need a pump or vacuum suction to expedite process.
  10. I did install the hose on the pan with the engine in the boat. Was a bear to do, was messy, took about 2 1/2 hours and I almost ended up in traction, but did get it done and was certainly worth it. It can be done with will power and patience (and a few choice words). There will be bilge cleaning afterwards, since no matter how hard you try, you won't catch all the oil that drips and runs off your hands from the open drain plug while doing this..
  11. Oil pan drain plug nearly impossible to reach on a Big Block engine, unless you have 3 foot long arms and stand on your head. Connected a used 12VDC electric "Turbo Charger Oil Pump" to end of my pan hose and it pumps pan dry in about a minute, when oil is cold. Just have to make sure to watch it closely if pumping into a container smaller than 7 quarts (like old 1 gallon jugs). I like using the see thru empty RV antifreeze jugs from when I winterize or empty windshield washer fluid jugs for the waste oil. Got the used pump off Fleabay for sixty bux.
  12. Soper's Hole is gone? What a shame, loved that watering hole. Feel so bad for the folks in Irma's path, as there will be so much hardship afterwards. I used to live on St. Thomas about 15 years ago. It's all about prep, but if storm is bad enough, all the prep in the world won't help. Got used to the storms, the destruction and constant re-building. When Marylin (SP) came through, it pulled the grass right out of the dirt. Not a bird left on the island.
  13. Yup. One ship I was on, we had a control station on the after deck house, incase the bridge was blown or, believe it or not, the ship was blown in half. Theory was, we could make way with aft section if front half was blown off. Didn't want to test that one.
  14. Don't know cause I wasn't there. but my 10 years in the Navy saw watch standers 24x7x365, even on the fan tail, who had the responsibility of seeing this stuff. No one is going to tell me that none of the watch standers and radar didn't see an 800' cargo ship bearing down on them IF they were indeed "watching" in either of these tragic cases. All the automated systems have overrides, up to and usually including operating the aft steering gear by manual pumps, if need be. I was on a couple of ships we practiced manual steering via the pumps, from time to time. Back breaking work, but needed to be ready if and when the time come.. Someone was "asleep at the wheel." Ultimate responsibility lies with the captain and goes up the chain from there, hence Commander of the 7th fleet. Stand on ship should give way to a give way ship, if the give way isn't going to alter speed or course. Deal with that AFTER the collision is avoided. No place for arrogance or being bullheaded when near another ship. Bet there will be lots more training and drilling sessions for all, now.
  15. I believe your main concerns would be distance / clearance from drive, more than the distance from outside edge if keel. I had to mount mine rather inboard, as the swim platform gave no clearance for the 4 pistons to mount. Further inboard you go, the less responsive, but that is a marginal handicap on the larger tabs. The 12x16 hydraulics on my 2550 respond just fine and are smooth as silk. These pictures should give you some idea as to what to consider. Tom (Tab Man) from Bennett frequents this site and is second to none when it comes to supporting his company's products. Wish all companies had a rep like Tom. He did it for me with some parts for free for my 12 x 16 Sport Tabs I installed that had absolutely nothing to do with any warranty. I just had to pay for shipping.