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  1. Soper's Hole is gone? What a shame, loved that watering hole. Feel so bad for the folks in Irma's path, as there will be so much hardship afterwards. I used to live on St. Thomas about 15 years ago. It's all about prep, but if storm is bad enough, all the prep in the world won't help. Got used to the storms, the destruction and constant re-building. When Marylin (SP) came through, it pulled the grass right out of the dirt. Not a bird left on the island.
  2. Yup. One ship I was on, we had a control station on the after deck house, incase the bridge was blown or, believe it or not, the ship was blown in half. Theory was, we could make way with aft section if front half was blown off. Didn't want to test that one.
  3. Don't know cause I wasn't there. but my 10 years in the Navy saw watch standers 24x7x365, even on the fan tail, who had the responsibility of seeing this stuff. No one is going to tell me that none of the watch standers and radar didn't see an 800' cargo ship bearing down on them IF they were indeed "watching" in either of these tragic cases. All the automated systems have overrides, up to and usually including operating the aft steering gear by manual pumps, if need be. I was on a couple of ships we practiced manual steering via the pumps, from time to time. Back breaking work, but needed to be ready if and when the time come.. Someone was "asleep at the wheel." Ultimate responsibility lies with the captain and goes up the chain from there, hence Commander of the 7th fleet. Stand on ship should give way to a give way ship, if the give way isn't going to alter speed or course. Deal with that AFTER the collision is avoided. No place for arrogance or being bullheaded when near another ship. Bet there will be lots more training and drilling sessions for all, now.
  4. I believe your main concerns would be distance / clearance from drive, more than the distance from outside edge if keel. I had to mount mine rather inboard, as the swim platform gave no clearance for the 4 pistons to mount. Further inboard you go, the less responsive, but that is a marginal handicap on the larger tabs. The 12x16 hydraulics on my 2550 respond just fine and are smooth as silk. These pictures should give you some idea as to what to consider. Tom (Tab Man) from Bennett frequents this site and is second to none when it comes to supporting his company's products. Wish all companies had a rep like Tom. He did it for me with some parts for free for my 12 x 16 Sport Tabs I installed that had absolutely nothing to do with any warranty. I just had to pay for shipping.
  5. PWC

    Got the PWC bug too. Should be a nice addition when wanting to go on lakes that my 2550 is a tad big for launching on smallish ramps. Picking up a 2007 Kawasaki STX 12f (with a 15f engine) today. Has just over 100 hours (don't remember exact number) but has a bad crank (no blown out rods or pistons), confirmed when engine torn down. Picking up ski and trailer today for eight hundred deer. At that price, it's a no brainer. Has the upgraded 3 bearing pump with Solas wheel, aftermarket performance grate and ride plate. Should be a nice winter project, since engine is in "kit form" and hull is in great condition. Owner's wife said, "get it out of the garage ASAP". Sooooooooo..
  6. Bad ground somewhere or an intermittent short to ground? Bad grounds can cause an increase in current, popping a breaker intermittently.
  7. I use a borescope camera to check stuff you can't get your head into to see. Get them pretty cheap off fleabay. If the flaps are still in there, the S/S shafts are most likely caught at the transition where the "Y" pipe attaches to the gimbal plate. They need to come out, as they can wear a hole thru the aluminum "Y" pipe, creating a hole below the water line. Not good. The flaps themselves may have made it into exhaust inlet of the outdrive That's where I found mine when I first got my boat and inspect them every fall layup, now. My risers come off every fall for inspection and outdrive comes off and is stored on a drive dolly in the garage during the winter.
  8. Here ya go on the brake adjusting tool: Under 6 bux when in stock https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/lisle-brake-adjustment-tool-50700/22984209-p?c3ch=PLA&c3nid=22984209-P&c3apidt=22084223017&gclid=Cj0KCQjwqvvLBRDIARIsAMYuvBGArsPrABvLzLOgDeOEQz-lcnP9R65rXNul7bYxKM7YAwOC9sG0vzAaAkobEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  9. Trim tabs stopped 99.5% of it on my boat. Straight as an arrow now.
  10. Only heard two them that went bad and sounded like grinding up a bag of rocks. If your drive has zerk fitting on the side of it, I would try the grease thing as Wingnut suggested. Don't know if the 2003 Alphas (assuming yours is an Alpha) had a greasable gimbal bearing or not. My 92 Bravo does not.
  11. Do you have a shop do the winterization / maintenance? Or perhaps a major repair done. If yes, maybe they disconnected / lubricated the cable end as a maintenance thing and didn't tighten it back up enough. Since your boat is only a 2014, maybe it was never fully tightened from the get go. I just replaced mine and put no loctite on it, but it is tight...... That up and down movement at full range of steering is normal. Sine the cable loosened up, I would check the two anchor pins / bolts that hold the steering ram inplace to be sure the pins are tight and the lock tabs are inplace and locked against the pin / bolt heads.
  12. Most of the auto supply places have epoxy sealed relays that are waterproof. Had to use them on my Harley to replace non sealed OEM ones that failed due to moisture intrusion. The 20 amp single pole, single throw one I found at Advance Auto was the Intermotor relay, R3154, Sealed for 8 bux.
  13. If you get an SX, you'll love it. They do have some quirks to them, such as pronounced bow wander at idle / no wake speeds, but they are a classic "old school go fast style" boat. That old school style is what I was looking for when I bought mine. They are built like a tank and handle rough water very well, compare to some others. The best upgrade for them is a set of adjustable trim tabs, Bennett or Lenco. I installed the twin piston hydraulic 12 x 16 Bennett Sport Tabs on my 2550 SX and it changed her whole attitude. Gave her some really good manners and eliminated 99.5% of the bow wander. At 25 years old, the old girl is still a head turner. Mine has over 1,350 hours on original motor and Bravo 1. I would call that reliable. Good maintenance is king !!!!
  14. I thought about thru hull side exhausts with inline mufflers. Have plenty of room, BUT, selectable exhaust in NY is a no-no. I can have thru hulls, but can't have selectable to go quiet when near shore or when admiral complains. Stupid rule.......
  15. Congrats on the new boat. Once you get the hatch open, chasing electrical gremlins can be frustrating, at the least. I usually start using the 12V test light and it makes everything so much easier and it can tell you almost as much as a meter. PS: Name on my boat is "Cool Change" and has been since long before I bought her.