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  1. rmcmanus

    help, 256ssx leaking oil/fluid into water

    If you have hydraulic trim tabs it might be one of your actuators leaking...I had that happen on my 256
  2. rmcmanus


    Wingnut.....I am just wondering the complexity and generally how much deer in doing the engine alignment. I bought my 2006 Volvo Penta 256ssi 3 years ago and have no idea if an alignment has ever been done. Since I am here in Tucson Arizona our choices of full service Marinas and boat mechanics are limited. I would like to do it this winter. thanks
  3. rmcmanus

    Snap on Covers

    I am looking for a reputable custom canvas shop in Arizona for snap on covers for my 256ssi. I am located in Tucson. If anyone has any recommendations for the Tucson or Phoenix area, please pass along. Thanks for the help Rich
  4. rmcmanus

    Automatic bilge pump doesn't switch off

    Had this happen two weeks ago and it was debris in the float switch
  5. rmcmanus

    Removing Duo props for oil change

    The part number for the tool is 3855516 and you get get it most anywhere. Here is a link on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Volvo-Penta-Prop-Tool-Kit-3855516-/370628764021. I also bought the two nuts:P/N 3851569 and 21631162. The nuts are not cheap but I bought spares just in case. These work for my Volvo -DP 256ssi
  6. rmcmanus

    bilge pimp not shutting off

    Thanks I will give that a try
  7. rmcmanus

    bilge pimp not shutting off

    Ok thanks. Will do this weekend
  8. rmcmanus

    bilge pimp not shutting off

    I just got back from a week long trip on the lake and notice one evening while doing my check the automatic bildge pump was running even though there wasn't any water. It would not shut off from the switch. So I disconnected the connections so it wouldn't run down the batteries. I haven't had a chance to really diagnose the problem yet but was wondering if there has been any other similar issues with anyone on how best to get to the root cause. It's clearly either the switch or the pump. Any thoughts Thanks
  9. rmcmanus

    Truck Mileage While Towing?

    2011 Dodge 2500 diesel 16mpg city 10-12 towing...10 going up from Tucson to Lake Powell and 12 coming back down!
  10. I just finished the install of the Bennett 1212E like Wingnut....heading up to lake Powell In three days to try them out for the first time. the install wasn't too bad once you get over drilling holes in your hull! Measure ten times drill once!
  11. The core is wood I believe. The interesting thing is out all the holes I drilled Port and Starboard, this is the only location with moisture. I will contact Chaparral and see what they say. Any suggestions on how best to check the thru hull exhaust for leaks? Thanks All for the comments and suggestions.
  12. I wish drilling a whole in the ater tank was the issue!!! Here is the location of the holes. The holes are dry now but I suspect it is only around the drilled area. Still no clue on where there may be an issue
  13. rmcmanus

    2005 Chaparral 256 SSi Listing Problem

    I have a 2006 256ssi and after drilling holes on the starboard side just under the swim platform water was seeping out. It didn't last long and after 2 days in the Arizona heat, the holes are dry but I am sure that is only in the area of the drilled holes. No signs of any cracks anywhere in the hull and there is never any water in the engine comparrtment other than the norm. No idea how this is happening. Unfortunately I bought the boat used last year. Not sure what to do at this point.
  14. I am in the process of installing Bennett Trim Tabs and during the process of drilling the holes for the actuator just below the swim platform, moisture came out of the holes. Even though this is my first boat and I am in my second year, I know this is not normal. What makes this more interesting is all the other holes I drilled had no moisture at all. In particular the 6 holes per side below the water line that are needed for the hinge connection.I have a 2006 256ssi and there is never any water in the engine compartment and there are no visible cracks anywhere in the area. My question to the forum is...what is the best course action from this point and is this a hull warranty issue? Thanks Rich
  15. rmcmanus

    Hour meter re-sets

    I had a similar problem and in my case I found out it was a loose connection to the high pressure connector to the fuel pump. I have a Volvo penta engine so not sure if this will solve your problem or not but in my case after i reconnected it fully everything worked fine....