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  1. good4thesoul

    SS Propeller

    Doubt you are still in the market but if you are I suggest Hill Marine, Custom prop from California, got one on my 05 256 and it was phenominal game changer.
  2. good4thesoul

    Propeller upgrade

    I have a 2005 256 SSI 496 mag, recently had tuned up, 230 hrs, and was advised to look into a new prop, had 3X3 28 pitch Mercruiser duo prop. Ended up with Hill Marine 4X4 26 pitch, would highly recommend anyone who has a 3X3 to consider replacement, performance, economy, dramatically improved, to such an great extent that I am compelled to write these comments to fellow Chaparral Owners.
  3. good4thesoul

    Wet Slip or Marina Dry Storage

    We have had boatel storage since day one and wouldnt go without it. It preserves the boat from top to bottom, if you want to keep the boat real nice I highly recommend it .
  4. good4thesoul

    Hi.I have a 2006 256 SSI. It has

    I have a 2005 256 SSI, 496 Bravo III, Potomac River VA, added Lenco Trim tabs, you will be amazed. Better everything, no porposing, less RPM to same MPH, fuel economy, and you can take a change in weather and really use a big bow rider for what it was met to be, a smooth ride.
  5. good4thesoul

    Thru Hull Exhaust

    I have a 2005 256 SSI, 496 Merc with Corsa Captain's call, agree preformance diff is negligable, sound is phenominal. I had done some reasearch and for the most part hole shot perf is not effected, mid range and top end is. What I like is the 3200 to 4200 range, my opinion the Corsa Exhaust make the engine sounds as if it is hardly working vs the reving sound you hear when under water. It also adds a little bit of adreneline to the atmosphere, kids like it, and Corsa is not as loud as a thru hull which is nice, overall a nice touch.
  6. good4thesoul

    Towing boat without cover

    I travel long distances 2 - 3 times per year,unsually north from a dry to a wet climate, VA to PA or Canada. I leave my snap on canvas covers on and I have a semi custom trailer cover that I put over the entire boat swim platform to bow. I takes about 20 minutes to apply but provides a lot of peace of mind when traveling or parking and the clouds open up. I didnt like the road dirt that gets in the boat when trailering and my truck is diesel so that doesnt help either, On modification is that I bought specific length bungee cords as opposed to the straps that come with the cover. I like them as I can adjust the tension so nothing slaps against my black banded hull. Having the ability to cover is great, you dont worry about a snap coming loose from your canvas and marring or damaging your gelcoat. Your boat is clean and dry when you arrive at your destination. I just do have access to easy cleaning facilities nor the time once I get where I need to be. My two cents, enjoy your boating season.
  7. good4thesoul

    256 ssx power/performance

    I have a 2005 256 ssi 180 hours no bottom paint boatel kept, 496 mag, Bravo III with Corsa Capt Call Exhaust, 50 mph no problem, fastest 63. Love the big block, purrs at 3200 40 mph not even working, would recommend it if you are already having second thoughts. I think you can get some boat test data on 24 ft bowriders comparing the 6.2 and 8.1, perhaps boating mag or trailer boats. Enjoy the boat no matter 6.2 or8.1! Mark
  8. good4thesoul

    Lenco Trim Tab Installation

    Gary thanks for the details , I will be doing this to my 2005 256 SSI in April. Cant wait, thanks, owe you one, if your ever on the potomac dinner and drinks on me at McCormick and Schmicks!!! Enjoy your upcoming boating season. Mark
  9. good4thesoul

    JBL Radio with AUX RC connection, how to find it?

    On the wall in the head , more specifically, on teh immediate left as you step down to enter the head, would put it3/4 of hte way up the wall.
  10. good4thesoul

    246 SSi - Last Chance!

    Boating magazine FEB 2011 has the 246 SSI on the cover, nice article, I have a 2005 256 SSI and love it, have heard good things about the Regal as well, the article reference a comparison to the regal 2300. Article claims a Mag 350 performed well, noticed the 246 doesnt have a wet bar, not sure if 2500 Regal does, we have a wet bar on our 256 SSI and use it and love it. Our boat has been sensational, performs outstanding and is comfortable to 8 - 10 without any problems. Sounds like a good boating season ahead for you!
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  14. I have a 2005 256 SSI, JBL with aux function, want to connect MP3 jack to aux RC cables, is it possible to access without removing radio? Thanks
  15. good4thesoul

    Does anyone know where this is

    Did you by chance come across the Aux RC wires? I have a 2005 JBL and have the AUX wires adn function and want to connect a MP3 jack to them? Thanks in advance just trying to figure out what I may be getting into. Mark