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Found 5 results

  1. I'm a newbie to boating. We've been looking for an open bow boat for skiing/fishing and we came across the Chaparral SSI year 2000 in pic, but owner does not have model info. Only stating boat is 22.5 feet long with 5.7l motor. I can not find a 22.5 feet SSI in year 2000 model search. Can someone help with identifying model # based on pics ? I also have hull number, but hull # decoder I'm using does not id model number and only suggests it could be a 196ssi which is only 19 feet long. Any thoughts on SSI model number or thoughts on actual boat ?
  2. DaveW

    Cabin Flooding

    Hello. I have two questions about my 2000 Chaparral 240 signature. Everytime it rains or I wash my boat the cabin floor/carpet becomes extremely wet and it appears that water is seeping up out of a hole just below the bottom step. Any ideas how to fix this? Also, just wondering if anyone knows if the fridge is supposed to run on 12v? The fridge only seems to work when it's plugged in to 110 shore power. Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. I just had a Garmin GPSMAP 547 installed in-dash on my 244 Sunesta. I love the look of the unit, but am confused about functionality and operation. Dealer gave me no information or help on the unit. I've done a bit of research on the web and find that it is a NMEA 2000 unit and that I will need a NMEA 2000 starter kit and and engine gateway along with a special NMEA 2000 transducer to get it to do what I really want it to do which is give me the engine readouts, water temp and depth. It is already a nice chart plotter. Does this sound correct to anyone who knows about NMEA 2000 units? Is the
  4. So I bought my 2000 240SSi last September & hoped I bought a great boat. One owner, service by the dealer, rack kept under cover... Just finally getting into some of the nitty gritty on the boat & finding things yo never want to see. Water in parts of the hull! The port side of the boat appears to be really dry, but found water under the gas tank & inside the starboard side floor. This is how I found it. Any suggestions or info on how these hulls are built is appreciated. 1) Removed the bilge pump from the small ledge in front of the gas tank. When I took out one if the screws wate
  5. Just bought a 2000 235 SSI w/ 7.4 liter Volvo SX drive with 1.43:1 drive. Has an old, beat-up aluminum 14.5" X 16" three blade prop. The prop cavitates at 4000 rpm and 28 mph at 6200 feet elevation causing the engine to over-rev. Don't know if it is just a bad prop, poorly sized prop or both. Anyone know what was the "stock" prop for this model year?
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