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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I've been getting alarms on my SSI 226 with a V6 280 Volvo Penta. I'm on a waiting list to get it into the shop (semi remote area). I am getting an SPN 926 FMI 5 and haven't any luck finding a code list for this. I did find that my impeller was badly chewed up. I replaced it and removed a handful of rubber and a small pebble from the heat exchanger. Continues to alarm. Temperature is fine. Oil pressure is good. Any ideas on the alarm or the code? Thanks.
  2. We are having water leak into the ski compartment, if you look into the compartment towards the bow, the wall at the end, you can see small streams of water coming down, when planing traveling around 30 mph I looked inside and it was dripping. Once we stop no water is dripping; however, it is streaming down the wall. Now we are talking about a massive leak, but enough if we ride for say 30 minutes and turn bilge on it empties water for about 10 seconds. Don't see any serious damage on the hull when inspecting on the lift or in water feeling the underneath hull. Can we make an ap
  3. I have a 2016 H20 sport 21' and in the ski storage locker located between the captain and passenger seat will not drain. There is a drain in the aft wall however the problem is that the fuel tank is pushed up so close to the drain hole that it prevents any water from exiting into the bilge. I have contacted Chaparral about this and they sent me an email with pictures of how to fix. They show to drill a hole in the locker floor board just in front of the hole on the wall and that should do it. However, I have drilled into the floor 3 1/2" and it did not open up. I did not want to drill any deep
  4. I am currently struggling between two "final" choices, a 2016 226 SSi and a 2013 244 Sunesta. Both after my negotiation are equal in price ($55k) and I was able to a comparable rate and payments are within $20 of each other. I walked into the Chaparrel dealership torn between the 224 Sunesta (my initial first choice) and the 226 SSi and 227 SSX. With trailer the 224 Sunesta quickly priced itself out of the budget I set myself. Then because the queen bee liked the pasenger bucket vs. the Oasis lounge, ended on the 226 SSi. We test drove it, and enjoyed it very much. Engine is the Mer
  5. JAX boat show, January 22-24 ... http://www.boatjax.com/index.php/boat-show Looks like a smaller local show ... Any good and worth the time? Anybody planning to attend?
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