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Found 7 results

  1. Help please. I just purchased a 2007 215 SSI and having 2 issues - engine (Mercruiser 5.0L carb aplpha 1) consistently stalls under 800RPM. And always stalls when I am trying to go through neutral to change gears. This makes docking a real difficult and anxious experience. I also notice that the engine will go from 800RPM to 1800RPM with a slight touch of the shift lever - not smooth at all. And sometimes when I am idling at 1200 RPM, it jumps up 1400 RPM, then back down, then back up - kinda like revving without me touching anything. I thought maybe it was old gas as it had about 10G from la
  2. Okay so I have tried a couple attempts to lay my seats flat and I must be missing something..All I end up doing is moving them as a unit forward and back, but they aren't separating or laying flat. There is a little black handle that I can lift to "ungear it" from whatever locking mechanism is in place that just seems to move the entire seat. Searched the internet and my manuals before asking and I can't seem to find the answer. I think they do need some lubrication as well. Any help please????
  3. Hi all, a friend of mine just bought 2008 215 SSI and it's a great boat. He previously owned 2001 Bayliner Capri 192 Sport, which had huge sundeck on the aft. It's a great feature that 215 SSI lacks and he misses it a bit. Later he found these two pictures on the internet and we are wondering, is it some kind of a mod or something available to buy from factory? Do you have any advice or knowledge on how to make aft sundeck, like presented on pictures above? Thanks and greetings from Croatia
  4. Well guys I messed up this weekend. I backed my 2005 215ssi into the garage and left the bimini up and bent two of the bars. The canvas is fine and all the mounts are fine. First what are my options to fix it, next what size bimini do I have and what's the best place to buy a new one that will work with my enclosure?
  5. Hey guys I'm relatively new to the boating community and just recently purchased a 2006 215 SSI. I want to purchase a GPS but I was looking for a little advice. I was looking at the Garmin 441 or 431with a NY-Chesapeake G2 vision card just because I have limited space. Are those good models? The boat comes stock with a depth finder so will I have to run any additional wires or can I tie into the stock depth finder somehow? Also if anyone has mounted a similar GPS in their boat where is the best place to mount it? Mounting on the dash blocks quite a bit of my view! I'm pretty mechanical,
  6. Chaps, I am in the market for a new prop because the one I have has a lot of wear and some pretty big dings. I have a 06 215 SSI with a 5.0L Merc Cruiser. I have a little trouble getting on plane with four or more people and it is not very responsive at idle when docking. The suggestions I got so far were a 14.25 x 21 3-blade and 14.5x20 4-blade. Any suggestions or advice. Regards
  7. I want to buy a cooler that will fit in the compartment under my sink, does anyone know what is the largest size that will fit in there. I'm think the igloo marine 25 qt will squezz in there but I'm not sure.
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