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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, first time poster/long time lurker. As such I believe the rule for first post is has to be regarding the Volvo XDP. So here goes: Pending survey on 2004 330 with 5.7OSXI-D. Obviously have see a great deal about XDP nightmares so: 1. Are these the XDP? 2. Have seen some info that 2007-08 are the issue years and wondering if 2004 are as bad? 3. Boat just had bellows replaced and don't believe it's been in salt water since. We'll be on fresh water, is the issue as much a problem on fresh water? 4. Has a solution been found that doesn't involve replacement
  2. Hey guys I’m having a heck of a time finding the part number to replace one of my LED downlights in my hardtop. It’s a 2015 330. Called dealer three times already for it. Hoping someone on here can help so I can just order.
  3. I ordered the replacement p66 transducer and found a manual for the dsm250 in with my Raymarine C80 Manuals, does anyone know where this unit would be mounted? I have the wiring for the old transducer I can trace but after it comes in the boat it looks like it is fed in with a zillion other cables into the front somewhere. Any advice or help would rock Jeff 2004 chaparral 330 signature
  4. Well after 4 years with my 215ssi I took the plunge and bought a 330 Signature to explore the beautiful Puget Sound! I have been searching and reading up on this boat from the forum, and have gotten tons of info. I do have a couple questions identifying some things and the old boat owner isn't the best and communication so thought I would try here. Does anyone know what these are? Also any ideas or suggestions on how you organize your cabin and mount a grill Thank you in advance, Jeff
  5. Looking to see if anyone out there has any experience on selecting the prop pitch for the Sig 350 (formerly the 330 before 2011). I have twin Merc 5.7 Mag 350 Bravo 3 and am using stainless 24 pitch props (came with boat). I am thinking of lowing the pitch slightly to get on plane quicker. I'm ok when the boat is not heavily loaded (just 4 of us) but once i add a few more people it obviously slows me down. I notice that many other cruisers of similar size that i ride in have little issue getting up on plane with the same 5.7 engines and 12 or more people . For me it takes a lot more time
  6. First of all, thanks to this awesome forum. I've learned so much in the 5 years with my '01 Sig 260. I got the good news last weekend from the admiral that it's time for an upgrade. We have our eyes set on a '06ish 330. I've read all your horror stories about the XDP drives, and will be avoiding those at all costs. I just want to confirm that the DP drives are different and are ok? One of the boats we are considering has the Volvo 5.7 GI engines with DP drives I believe. In addition to the drives, it sounds like the thermostats on the fridges are a common problem. Lastly, if anybody has an
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