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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, Last summer I bought a 1997 1930 SS with the GM 5.7, 2 bbl with non vortex heads (I believe), and alpha one drive, 1.62 gear ratio, 19p SS prop. After only 3 trips out, totaling 6 hours total use, the drive began popping. The dealer called and said the drive was toast, and recommended a SEI unit. I will be swapping the units myself as the bellows and gimble bearing were replaced when I bought it, thus the repair should be fairly straight forward. What drive ratio is best suited for this boat/engine configuration. I have read multiple posts and cannot determine if the 1.62 or 1.
  2. I am shopping for a used boat, my first boat, and many people have recommended chaparrals to me. My price range is pretty low, under $8k for sure so my options are somewhat limited. I was trying to stay year 2000+ but have started to see a few mid to late 90's Chaparrals, mainly 1930 ss models that have caught my eye. What are your thoughts on those, good boats, too old, good deal for the right price? I have my eye on one right now that is a 1996 with a 5.7L in it. I still haven't seen it in person yet, am waiting for additional pics from the seller. -thanks
  3. Hi. It has been a while since I have last logged on. Sorry I haven't been helping out. I have a problem I hope you may be able to help me with. My boat runs great each and every day when I start it for the first time. I can run up and down the river full power, 1/2 power, idle - no problem either motor. Shut the boat off and start it right back up - no problem. Run the boat out to swim, fish, go to dinner ( boat off for 1/2 to 3 hours). Port motor will fire off and start at 1100rpm but then dies right off as it tries to settle back to its 750rpm idle speed in neutral. It has been three weeks
  4. I am taking a survey to see how many people own this engine: 1998 Mercruiser 5.7L TBI with EFI GEN-1 ECM. Who owns one of these beasts and what typs of engine problems have you had? I have had one for 5 years now, and every year there is a new mysteryous problem that comes up after spring commissioning. 1998 was the first year that Mercrusier used a TBI on the 5.7L engine. If you look in the parts books, 1998 is always off by itself. One Mechanic I had working on it said "that engine is poison". He suggested ripping out the TBI, ECM, distributer, and replace everything with a Thunderbolt
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