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Found 12 results

  1. I have a 2007 246 ssi Volvo-Penta 5.7 Gi-g I/O Can I change the impeller while boat is in the water?
  2. I have a 2015 277 that I have been having a number of overheating issues. First the dealer thought it was an impeller, so we replaced it. Then it continued. They thought that maybe the impeller broke apart and some of the pieces clogged the cooling system, so they took the entire cooling system apart. My boat worked fine for 2 months, then last night it overheated again. It is extremely frustrating to have paid over $100,000 for a boat that constantly has to be towed in. Worse than that, our dealer does not offer any towing service to the dealership, so we have to get Seatow to
  3. Hello Ladies and Gents, We are original owners of our 2000 205SSE with the 5.0 GL PWTR. In the past we have had the impeller changed by professionals. How difficult is it if you can follow directions? More importantly: What is the kit model # for this engine and what else should I purchase to complete the job? I'm at the stage where I want to learn these things, but the problem is that I can't easily find kits in my version of engine... Prod#3868944 SN 4110197071 In advance, thanks for your help!!
  4. Hey all, Looking to do some preventative maintenance this spring to my 2003 200ssi with a 5.0l mercruiser motor. I am wanting to replace the water pump because i'm not sure that the previous owner ever did so it could be potentially 16 years old. Does anyone know where I can find a part number for this impeller kit? I have found a manual that looks like the pump is located off the motor. I'm more familiar with outboard motors and those impellers are in the lower unit. Is there an impeller on the lower unit of the bravo drives? Also how do you tell what gen the alpha drive is? The manual I
  5. I have a 1999 Signature 240, 5.0, alpha 1. Didnt have an alarm prior to the impeller change. Now I have the most awful constant alarm imaginable. Reservoir for lower unit oil wasn't at first start up because I forgot to check it. I filled it up and tried again with the same alarm. What am I missing and how do I get rid of this noise??
  6. A quick DIY question... I'm going from an Alpha 1 Gen 1 into a Gen 2 outdrive. Since I don't know when the impeller was last changed, I got a repair kit and was surprised at how big the Gen 2 impeller was compared to the Gen 1. So that begs a couple questions... 1) Does the Gen 2 move more water through the engine because of its size? 2) Does the "every other year" rule of thumb still apply? Thanks guys!
  7. Hello, Last time out on my old boat I leaked gear oil into the bilge (I got a new boat, but may use the old drive and motor. see here for details: http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?showtopic=26634). Also, the gear oil was milky and had water in it. I had just replaced the impeller and all of the surrounding gaskets. I had also just changed the gear oil and it had metal shards in it before servicing, and also after my last time out. So, what could be my issue? I think it may be the o-ring in between the upper and lower casing. Also, maybe it was a missing gasket on the oil plugs (not su
  8. Howdy, Just an FYI posting of my experience with my new-to-me Chap. Occasionally I have been getting an alarm at prolonged high speeds although the water temp was not high. So I replaced the impeller in my 2006 256SSI (VP 5.7). It appears to be the first time the impeller has been changed since there was still red paint on the pump bolts. Boat has 215 hours. Anyway, the old impeller was missing two full blades and they were nowhere to be seen in the pump. Ayeeeee! Bad news for an amateur mechanic. I then traced the water output line to the thermostat and removed it (it was much easier t
  9. i just bought a Sunesta 274 2005 with 152 hours . Does anyone have a link to a video to change the impeller on a 350 mag MPI bravo III or a owners manual ? Besides oil and lower unit and impeller change , any other STUFF that i should look at ? Thankyou !!
  10. i just bought a Sunesta 274 2005 with 152 hours . Does anyone have a link to a video to change the impeller on a 350 mag MPI bravo III or a owners manual ? Besides oil and lower unit and impeller change , any other STUFF that i should look at ? Thankyou !!
  11. I have a 2006 190 ssi with a 4.3GL-E volvo penta. A week ago I parked the boat at the shore and lowered my prop into the sand/mud a little to stabalize the boat while I got something on the shore. When I hopped back in I forgot that I had lowered the prop & cranked it & began to back up stirring up mud & small rocks. I got the boat out in the water & it ran fine. I didn't think anything else about it. The next day I took the boat out a few times without any problems. The last time I took it out it began to overheat. I wasn't out far so I loaded the boat & came home. I have
  12. I am considering replacing my water pump along with the impeller this season. I found there is a choice between a "plastic" housing and a metal housing. If you had to do this, which would you choose? My first thought was that the metal housing would be stronger, but then I wondered if I would have problems with corrosion, etc. What else should I replace since I will have it opened up anyway? Those with same outdrive as mine, if you have performed this maintenence recently, do you have info handy that you can provide? part numbers, online parts providers you use and trust, etc. Thanks in advan
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