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Found 4 results

  1. 2010 Signature 310 with twin 270 Volvo Penta 5.0 GXiCE-M Dual Prop (Model A 120563) I’m looking to order new props (long story.....) and minimize the down time, but can’t get the part number off the prop (murky waters). I’m 2nd owner. Original dealer says they can’t help me. Local dealer says same story. The best picture I have when she was on blocks is attached. Wish I would have taken a close up of that prop part. Any experts willing to weigh in?
  2. I have a 2008 190 SSI with a 4.3 220hp Volvo Penta, with a 4 blade 19" 14.25" prop. I want to increase the low end performance to get on plane easier and quicker. Would changing the prop to a 17" (or even lower) SIGNIFICANTLY improve the low end performance. I'm OK loosing some top end performance. With 4 or 5 adults on the boat, it is hard to get on plane (even with 2 of them in the bow). Would this create any issues or overload the engine? Would a stainless prop make much difference. Any suggestions or experiences from others who have the same boat?
  3. 2010 - 216 SSI 4.3 gxi volvo I have been trying different props. 4 Blade Aluminum 17" Over-revved into 4950 range. 4 Blade 19" Prop, Just Right 45mph@4800rpm. So thought i found the right pitch. Ordered a new 4 Blade 14 1/8 19" 4 Blade Stainless. Tried it last night and boat was going around 46-47 with light load but wouldn't Tach over 4000. That is 800 less than before. Verified rpm with digital gauge. Motor sounded like it was running wide open but just couldn't get the wot rpm i want. Is it harmful for the motor to not hit it's optimum wot range? i assume it's pouring in the fuel
  4. Well the prop and extended skeg took a beating this weekend. Shaft looks okay at low speeds but we'll see how it turns out.......
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