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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Newbies - copying and modifying this from an earlier post in hopes it might give some information to new and recently new boaters who are still getting acquainted with how to operate your new toy. Many new boaters are intimidated by the trim button, mainly because the boat seems to do okay when it's all the way down and if you accidentally raise it too high then you get a really disconcerting sound out of the back of your boat as your props blow out. So, better off to just leave it alone, right? Not really. It's not all that hard and there are some real benefits you will gain. You can ha
  2. I bought a 1997 Chaparral 1930ss with a 5.7 Mercruiser and an alpha one outdrive back in June from the local Chaparral dealer (east central Mississippi). Since then it has been in the shop for all but about 3 weeks and has been a nightmare. When I bought the boat I knew during the test drive that the gimbal bearing was bad and that the shift interuptor switch needed replaced. The first time out after purchase the alarm went off and the drive lube bottle was empty with oil in the bilge. The dealer said the seal on the bottom of the bottle was bad. After $440 we got the boat back and when we got
  3. Hey everyone, Looking for some advice on my Alpha one drive. It's a 2003 and i'm not sure what the previous owner did as far as maintenance. I have replace the impeller last season so I know that has been replace recently, but as far as getting deeper in the drive i'm not sure. How often are you supposed to look into changing the gimbal bearing, bellows etc? Are their any warning signs to look out for that they need to be replaced?
  4. Hello, I'm new to the site and looking for support with an issue I'm having on a Mercruiser 5.0L Alpha One, We recently purchased a used Chaparral Model 1930SS Boat. Visual inspection of the hull was good, interior was good, the engine started and ran okay, we bought it and took it out on the Lake last weekend and all was going well until about an hour later; we were cruising about 2500 rpm pulling one of the kids on a tube and all of a sudden I heard this binding noise on the out-drive and then the engine suddenly stopped. I let it rest for a few minutes, restarted the engine and we took off
  5. I bought this boat in July 2015. I had a mechanic recommended to me by several friends check it out stem to stern. We did some basics (oil change, service outdrive, a few switches and bulbs that needed fixing, etc.) but all in all he said everything was in very good condition. Since then my kids and I have had a lot of fun on it without having to do much besides basic maintenance. I've made a few newbie mistakes and well, I guess my prop has paid the price for a few of them... Last time we were out I noticed a bit of vibration and upon inspecting the prop I can see it's taken a fair amoun
  6. My trim cylinders are leaking on my Aplha One Gen I. I've found new trim cylinders for a total of $320 (minus new busings) Should I look into a rebuild kit instead of the full replacements? Do the rebuild kits last on the trim cylinders? Thanks, -Brendan
  7. Trying to wade through various prop manufacturer and other prop database sites and having some difficulty narrowing down a solid prop selection. There was a thread last year I was involved with that somewhat shed some light on the subject, but didn't get a solid feel for an identical setup, which makes comparisons a bit harder, and I figured it was better to start a new topic vs. extending the old one. http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?showtopic=17845 2008 Chaparral 220 SSi, 5.7L Mercruiser Magnum 300, Alpha-One outdrive. Prop i bought the boat with was a 14.5 x 18P 4-blade aluminum
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