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Found 18 results

  1. For starters, I’ve never owned a boat before and I have been wanting to buy a project boat to see how I do on it. Just picked up a 1988 Chaparral 178XL for 400 bucks. I think I did pretty good. The body looks to be in good shape. The interior will need new seats and some plywood up front. As well as new carpet. It’s got the MerCruiser 3.0L. The man who sold it to me hasn’t started it in a year. Do y’all have any tips as far as what I should look for? Also, should I get the engine running first before starting on the interior?
  2. I have a kohler 5E with 500hrs that ran great all last season and this season ran a few times but now wont start or crank at all. It has a strong better batter and the engine spins very easily. Ive checked my fuses and grounds and cant find a bad one or see any corrosion. If I jump the solenoid it cranks fine so Ive replaced that and the Bosch relay at the controller and still nothing. So now Ive tried replacing the board and I have the fuel pump coming on and LED3 and LED2 on the circuit board. Im open to suggestions Please see my video : https://photos.app.goo.gl/Tcz5BxAyRHPLLk
  3. Johan Q

    2009 196 Ssi

    Hello guys, I just bought a 2009 Ssi 196 and its a Volvo 4.3. I take it today to the lake with the fam and just 4 people was only going 35mph just me by myself 40mph is this the top speed in this boat? Should I be worried or its this normal?
  4. New to me boat. A '99 2130SS. Has the 5.7 GSi motor with Volvo Penta DP. 180hrs on the boat, 0 hrs on a brand new (not rebuilt) motor. Came with a Ski Pylon installed already so I can try wakeboarding (I am not THAT old)! Upgrading from a '86 17ft bass boat. I did read every thread I could find reserching this boat before I bought it, and think I got a good deal with a good motor and the DP option seems nice. First I/O so have also been researching maintenance/upkeep. Will need that tool to pull the props... Anyways, it is winterized now so not taking it out till sprin
  5. Have a Chaparral sunesta 220. Need to replace the flywheel housing and believe I need to pull the motor, or maybe move it forward?. I have removed the outdrive. Is this a job that is fairly straight forward? Need any expensive tools? I've pulled a seadoo motor, but don't have tons of mechanical experience. Have a shop and lots of tools....anyone pulled a similar motor?
  6. Hello, I am relatively new to boating and just ordered a H2O 21 Sport. At the dealership they told me 8-10 weeks and they hope that the boy should come in around mid-July. I found older posts and it appears that the wait times differ based on high season, dealership volume, etc. The dealer is quite big I would say (Intermarine, South Florida). I don't know how the production works and if it totally differs from the concept of car manufacturing, meaning that you have different assembly lines for the type of boat. Any guidance you could give me to get a better understanding of the timeline
  7. Well, now that our 350 signature looks all shiny has been valued above what we owe on it, combined with some very decent equity in the house, we are now thinking about moving to something bigger. Here are what we have been looking at so far, 2015 Sea Ray 470 Sundancer, 2013 Cantius 48, 2010 Cranchi 47, 2012/13/14 Regal 520 Coupe, Azimut 50 Atlantis, and lastly 2010 Cruiser Yacht 52 Coupe. What are your thoughts?
  8. I just realized that I never posted ANY pictures of my 2004 Chaparral 215 SSi since I joined this forum. I don't have many pictures because I purchased the boat in late August, but here ya go: I've added a safety chain, new 10,000lbs. strap and a spare tire since this picture. Motor, bilge, and engine compartment are in really good condition. I would never have made this purchase if they weren't. Motor and boat only have 314 hours on them. I will post more pictures later of the cuddy, interior, and cockpit. Jake
  9. Onefastaudi

    New job!

    Well, after 13 years in the car business, I decided to try something new! So I followed my passion for boats and now I work here: http://www.nauticgroup.com Hopefully it will work out. I hope you all had a great boating weekend. it was cooking hot here!
  10. New again boater. Just purchased a 2016 Chaparrall 226 to begin the river life again. Sold out appx 15 years ago and decided to get back in. What do you clean your hull with, what do you use to protect and clean your cushions? Thanks for the help.
  11. i went to the upholstery shop today , what a decision to come up with, finally went with blue and white upholstery , i had the shop owner get the 9 yards in stock, hope that will be enough,
  12. i went to the upholstery shop today , what a decision to come up with, finally went with blue and white upholstery , i had the shop owner get the 9 yards in stock, hope that will be enough,
  13. JAX boat show, January 22-24 ... http://www.boatjax.com/index.php/boat-show Looks like a smaller local show ... Any good and worth the time? Anybody planning to attend?
  14. kaitlin


    we own a chapperal sunesta trying to find out where thermostat is located on 305 I/O?
  15. From the album: Shell Key Preserve, FL January trips

    January 2013 Trip to Shell Key Preserve, FL
  16. I live in Wisconsin and boat on the Madison Lakes. Unfortunately, the lakeside attractions are sparse, due mostly to the local government agencies having a giant tree trunk up their arses. So, I started checking out surrounding areas for new lakes to explore. Finding the local knowledge on the lakes is a bit more challenging. Then I came across Active Captain: https://activecaptain.com/index.php I searched and didn't see much mention of it here. My area doesn't seem to have a large catalog of data points, but in other more popular areas, there seem to be many bits of coveted local knowle
  17. Im looking to try and sell my 2009 Chaparral 244 Xtreme boat. Its in MINT condition for 1/2 the price. If anyone knows a good forum to list them for sale please let me know or call me at 912-230-6216
  18. Hi There, My name is Ben, I am new to this forum. I myself do not own a Chaparral, but my parents do, & I have enjoyed many experiences. To put it shortly, my dad lost his job a few months back and is forced to downsize (Yes, this means his boat) He has been trying to sell his cruiser with little success thus far. For Father's Day, I would love nothing more than to give him the piece of mind knowing that he doesn't have to worry about selling it. To my knowledge, the boat is in premium condition, but I'd imagine the hours are a little high (They used it quite often). They are located in Wa
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