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Found 9 results

  1. Has anybody used this company for replacement carpet for their boat? Prices seem reasonable. My boat is 10 years old and carpet backing is coming all apart and just looking pretty worn. http://www.snapincarpet.com/ecommerce/detail.cfm?id=260&cat=51
  2. I picked up a 2005 chaparral 220 recently and I want to add something to the cockpit floor. I lam leaning towards carpet for inside and I may consider the fake teak stuff for the platform. Where do you put the snaps for carpet? This boat is still bare white floor. Open to suggestions all around on this. Next will be the radio ... Rich
  3. Its time to start thinking about refurbishing the boat. Want to replace carpet. Can someone recommend where to buy ? Currently have light gray berber Also my cover is shot. My boat is white with black accents. The cover is black. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance !!!
  4. I was curious if anyone out there had a proven routine for getting the boat ready in the spring. I leave my 264 Sunesta in the water all year under cover but it still gets coated with pollen. I usually strip everything out of the boat, all canvases, carpet, cockpit pillows, head towels, microfiber cloths, life jackets and take home for a good wash. Anyone have some good suggestions for cleaning sunbrella canvases, and the boat carpets? Right now I am just using the home carpet steam cleaner on the carpets and laying the canvases on the driveway and hosing off and
  5. Hi all, I have a 2000 Signature 300. I'm looking to replace the snap down cockpit carpets. The outfit I'm choosing to deal with does not have the template in stock, and it's very difficult for me to make my own, due to inaccessibility to the storage area. Does anyone out there have these templates already made up? I'm willing to pay a little bit for them. Thanks
  6. just bought a 2004 274 Sunesta today and any advise would be great. I am not new to boating but this is my first deck boat and not to sure What to expect after coming out of deep V. Options vary, some say they do great and others say the ride is very rough. I have only been on there sea trial and it was hard to say either way due to the weather. The boat is equipped with the big 8.1 Mercruiser and only has 148 hours. I do need to find some snap in carpet (missing) and a few cosmetic items but other than that she's ready to go. Thanks!
  7. Looking for recommendations on any alternatives for replacing glued in carpet. I have a 1998 2330 with what I assume is the original carpet (I'm the second owner) that is in need of replacement. I have done some research looking at the vinyl products, nu teak, sea dek, etc. but it looks like you need a finished fiberglass surface to really use that stuff. I have also searched this forum, but haven't found much about glued carpet alternatives. I would love to use something that is easier to clean, maintain, etc. but will just replace with carpet if that's my only logical option. Thanks.
  8. We ordered carpet from www.snapincarpet.com and finally had time to install it yesterday. We only had time to do the snaps on the forward section of the carpet near the captains chair but I really love the carpet so far. Here is a picture of the mess that the old carpet had made on the panels covering our engine bay: http://i1368.photobucket.com/albums/ag181/sandydlc/IMG_0063_2_zps35e4df22.jpg Luckily I was able to clean most of the black junk/dust that was quickly getting on every surface of our boat. The other two pictures are of the new carpet. We chose Pebble with the premium nu-wave ba
  9. I have a 2013 35 foot Chapparal and the first time it rained the carpet in the upper level got wet. I let it dry and wow what a smell. It smell like dirty feet. I had them cleaned and dried. Wasn't bad for awhile but again a rain and a little wet bam, the smell is back. I know the answer is to take it out every time you don't use it, what a hassle. Anyone else with carpet smell?????? It must be the backing or something in the fabric????
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