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Found 9 results

  1. We have taken out the carpets of our boat. What is a good floor cleaner that wont damage the gel coat or protectant on the floors but remove the carpet outlines?
  2. I was curious if anyone out there had a proven routine for getting the boat ready in the spring. I leave my 264 Sunesta in the water all year under cover but it still gets coated with pollen. I usually strip everything out of the boat, all canvases, carpet, cockpit pillows, head towels, microfiber cloths, life jackets and take home for a good wash. Anyone have some good suggestions for cleaning sunbrella canvases, and the boat carpets? Right now I am just using the home carpet steam cleaner on the carpets and laying the canvases on the driveway and hosing off and
  3. New again boater. Just purchased a 2016 Chaparrall 226 to begin the river life again. Sold out appx 15 years ago and decided to get back in. What do you clean your hull with, what do you use to protect and clean your cushions? Thanks for the help.
  4. Hi there, I am new to the forum and new to Chaparral. I had a question about caring for the hardtop on a Chaparral Signature 310 (2013). I do not have a covered slip, but want to avoid oxidation of the gelcoat. What is everyone else doing for the care of this area. I have read through all the forums prior to posting this question. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  5. I was reading some posts the other day trying to get advice on this and that regarding maintenance and upkeep, and I kept finding mentions of peoples' 'boat boxes". You know, that box of things you collect onboard after one project or another. I came to understand that most peoples' "boat boxes" are the result of many many seasons of maintenance, upkeep, transporting, cleaning, and repairing usually more than one boat over the years. So, from a veteran to a relative newbie, tell: What goes into your boat box? What stuff do you keep on board that you would never pull the trailer out of the dr
  6. Vector

    New 2014 246SSI

    I am new to boating. Just took delivery of a 246 SSI. What cleaning supplies do you recommend I have on board. I have all the suggested safety items and took boating courses in the water and classroom.
  7. Does anyone know of a good product to clean the bug and tree browns spots off the fiberglass. Soap and scrubbing are not doing anything. Someone told me to use a magic eraser, but dulled in the small area I tried it. frustrated on the Mississippi
  8. Hey again, Quick question. The speedometer on my boat would intermittently stop working(It lights up on the dash), but the needle doesn't move at all, but after a day or two on the water it would always fix itself and go back to normal and start working again. For the past few times out, it's been completely dead. Someone told me to clean something or other, but i have no idea where that is and if i can do it while still in the water. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks all!!! 2009 Signature 280 -Craig
  9. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE THE SCREENS/ FILTERS ARE ON THIS BOAT AND WHERE ARE THE ON AND OFF VALVES. I am getting pressure on outside sink but the showerheads (both inside and outside) and the inside sink just trickle. I am sure i need to clean the filters but I have no idea where they are. Please Help
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