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Found 4 results

  1. I have a 2016 H20 sport 21' and in the ski storage locker located between the captain and passenger seat will not drain. There is a drain in the aft wall however the problem is that the fuel tank is pushed up so close to the drain hole that it prevents any water from exiting into the bilge. I have contacted Chaparral about this and they sent me an email with pictures of how to fix. They show to drill a hole in the locker floor board just in front of the hole on the wall and that should do it. However, I have drilled into the floor 3 1/2" and it did not open up. I did not want to drill any deep
  2. I am new to boating and just purchased a nearly flawless 1998 2135 Sport Limited Edition. On my last trip out I noticed the carpet was wet where the Porti Pottie sits. After removing said pottie I can look up in there and see the drain for the in floor cooler. This drain has NOTHING attached to it. We hsd a substantial rain storm with the boat uncovered and water did enter the cooler. My question is is something suppose to be connected to the drain fitting or does this water drain into the hull and its suppose to flow back to the bilge area? Maybe I had the trailer nose down a little too much?
  3. I am going to winterize my Chaparral H2O for the first time this year. I let the dealer do it until the warranty on the motor ran out. I've winterized boats before but they were older and frankly more simple. I don't want to miss any important step specific to this motor and would appreciate any advice from someone familiar with this setup. I have the H2O 19' Sport with the 4.3 MPI Mercruiser. I plan to run a double dose of Stabil stabilizer through the last tank of gas (low ethanol from our lake marina) and run it for about 30 minutes on the lake before taking her out for the seaso
  4. Hey guys, Have a small amount of water (2-3") sitting beneath the engine of my 2006 Chap 190 SSI. Have run the bilge pump but the water remains. Not sure how to remove it.. The Manual says that a small amount of water is "normal", but I still would like to learn how to properly remove it.
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