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Found 6 results

  1. Help please! Newbie here and looking to purchase my first cruiser and a Chap. Essentially similarly equipped boats of the 2006 290 Signature are near me. One has Volvo-Penta 5.0 GXI-FSX 270 hp each whereas the other has the Volvo 4.3 OSi-F 220 hp each. This boat will primarily be used for day trips of 2 to 6 people and overnight / weekends with 2 to 4 people. We don't plan to do any water towing sports. Any recommendations on which is the better suited engine in this boat? Thanks so much! Once I decide and purchase I'll update the forum!
  2. On the verge of buying either a 1995 Sunesta 250 or a 1997 Sunesta 252. The 1995 250 has a VP 7.4 has a Duo Prop and is $3,500 more than the 1997 252 which has a VP 5.7 with a single prop. They both seem to be in good condition although the 250 has all the original canvas, while the 252 only has the bimini; the rest of the canvas was misplaced. Also, the 250 seems to have a slightly different hull being a 16 degree deadrise versus the 252 which is a 15 degree deadrise. This is true even within a model year, for example in 1997 the deadrise is still 15 for the 252 and 16 for the 250. If you a
  3. Splitting off another thread (didn't want to hijack the large SUV thread any more than we already had)..... Looks like Ford did make a decision to re-enter the marine market after all. I knew they were the basis of the PCM engines that were in Nautiques for many years but ironically when they left the market GM started making the blocks for PCM -- weird. Found this article from Fall 2013 announcing Ford taking the Raptor 6.2 liter to the water with Indmar for inboards. Makes me wonder if they will get into I/O packages at some point.... http://www.boatingmag.com/news/ford-motor-company-re-ente
  4. Hi i will be under survey next week on a 330 signature year 2004 yje engines are 5.7 GXI W/S4 duo prop drives Volvo i see everyone says stay away from XDP volvo drives i hope this is not them can someone tell me ?
  5. the info says it has 5.7 GXI W/S4 Volvos i hope this is not the dreaded XDP volvo drives you all say are bad can someone let me know survey is next week thanks phil
  6. I bought a new 2008 250 and in 4 years have had the following problems: 1. Engine pressure module replaced 4 times 2. Water pump disengaged from the engine 3. Ceiling came down 4. Out drive repairs 5. Faulty distributor 6. Gauges fog up 7. Most recent - ground fault on boat side. I keep tripping the dockside GFI circuit breaker I have about 150 hours on the engine.... Anyone else experiencing these problems???
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