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Found 7 results

  1. I noticed the paint on top of my Port intermediate pipe was no longer smooth but scorched looking (see pic #1 for a comparison between port and STDB pipes). The engine temps have never run hot, so I wasn’t overly concerned, but decided to pull the elbow and have a look. The elbow looked OK and I pulled the STDB side to have a look, too. (See another post I made about the impeller loosing a fin and I found it/them partially blocking the oil cooler; therefore, reducing cooling water flow volume.) The elbow scorched paint could be a result of reduced water flow volume caused by the broken impe
  2. 2014 307 SSX with twin Volvo 300’s - getting exhaust warning heat... bring it to a stop it is fine for 30-45minutes then happens again? Engine temp,is fine 160.
  3. Hi All, So my thru hull exhaust ports are leaking water into the bilge. Except for the contortionist part, the job of resealing looks pretty straight forward. However, I've said that before and have been completely wrong. Has anyone tackled this before that can offer a few words of advice? Thanks, Steve 2007 236 SSX 350 MAG MPI
  4. Hello All, Seems simple, but I have an 09 Chap 256ssi 5.7GXI-J Volvo Penta. Looking to purchase a corsa silent choice kit. Found the Corsa kit# 83924 in the Chap manual and also confirmed that with Corsa. Corsa wants over 3K deer for the kit. Only found 1 other vendor that will sell me this specific kit and they want 2.8K deer. All other comparable kits that consist of basically the same diverters, hoses, and tips are around 1.5-1.8K deer. I realize some of these components in various kits are different, but the concepts are the same. Trying to figure out why Corsa wants so much for this
  5. I noticed last week that my 2003 230ssi 8.1 liter's captains call would not turn back on. When I turn on now, the exhaust gets loud only for a second or two the goes back to quite mode. Anyone have this issue before and where I can start trouble shooting before going to the dealer? Thanks, Jeff
  6. Hello, I have a 94 2130 with the Yamaha 5.7. Yesterday was the first day having it in the water for the season and I noticed a small amount of water leaking out of the exhaust in the engine compartment. There was also a small rattle coming from the engine exhaust. Any thoughts? thanks in advance
  7. Good evening, I have a 93 Chaparral 2250SL with a Mercruiser 5.0LX motor on it. After getting a tune up and replacing a few small items the mechanic mentioned that I should replace the exhaust as it was starting to rust. He mentioned this could cause major issues down the road and if I want to preserve the motor / pistons its worth getting it completed now. I am already into an $1100 bill after the tune up and other small repairs so I wanted to find out from a few people how quickly an exhaust can go. I am thinking of trying to make the rest of the summer just running it 3x a month on Satu
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