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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All, I have a 1987 187XL that I have had for about a year. I just had it winterized for the season and want to do some cosmetic type repairs over the winter. Being that the boat is pushing 35 years old a lot of the wood is starting to rot out in areas. (I put new seats in this year because the originals had rotten seat bases.) One of the areas that needs to be replaced is a shelving like area that runs down the inside of the boat. It is where the cup holders are next to the driver and passenger seats. There is an area of the shelve that has a teak step on it and the wood from underne
  2. Our 2004 Chaparral 290 Signature is undergoing surgery! The fuel tank has to be replaced due to a persistent leak identified last October. Fiberglass workers have already removed the Aft cabin floor to expose the tank (and ventilate). Talks now indicate that further cuts will be necessary to get the tank out. They are proposing to remove the bulkhead in the engine compartment (mid cockpit) in order to be able to maneuver the tank out but at additional cost and time and obvious surface area intrusion. So the question to the forum is,: 1) Does this seem extreme for those who have been
  3. I'm posting this in the hopes it helps other Chaparral owners if they're interested in installing their own after-market subwoofer(s). I reviewed countless forums, no one could agree on how to cut the fiberglass (jigsaw vs. zipsaw vs. airsaw, etc.). Below is an overview of my recently completed installation. If you have any questions, please reply and I'll be happy to answer them. Equipment Installed: JL Audio M10IB5-SG 10:" subwoofer JL Audio MHX300/1 300 watt amplifier JL Audio RBC1 remote bass controller This installation is in-addition to our previously upgrad
  4. So just purchased this 1999 chap 180le last month. I am the second owner and she gave me all the service records. I was taking a look at moving my bilge and noticed a nasty split in the fiberglass where the motor mounts. I am guessing the motor bolts to the wood and the fiberglass keeps the water out.....idk. My thoughts were the boat flexed and it split or the wood rotted. I did read that boat has the XL plywood and they also use foam and rot has never been an issue. I was thinking of injecting a bunch of epoxy to reseal the crack???? thoughts? I have attached links to some pics htt
  5. Does anyone know of a good product to clean the bug and tree browns spots off the fiberglass. Soap and scrubbing are not doing anything. Someone told me to use a magic eraser, but dulled in the small area I tried it. frustrated on the Mississippi
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