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Found 10 results


    Head seacock

    Hi, new to boating here. I see the manual of my chaparral 260 shows a diagram of systems but it is not very explicit. It says head seacock. right by the fwd bilge pump has a hose with a seacock. just wondering what this thing does. cannot follow where the hose is heading to. it is just attached to the bottom of the hull. picture coming soon
  2. I have a 2001 230 SSI. It has the head with piano hinges. The piano hinges are pulling away from the fiberglass and making the holes bigger and ruining the fiberglass. It also causes the door to fall each time you pull it open and you have to pick it up in order to get it back into place where the door will close and be put into its seal. I have tried toggle bolts, putting epoxy in the holes and nothing has worked. Do anyone have a potential solution? Thanks for the help! 2001 Chaparral SSI 230
  3. I just bought a used 2001 Chaparral Signature 300. The Vacuflush/Sealand system pump is not turning on in the head to be able to flush the toilet. The switch in the actual head does not light up when you turn on the "vacuflush" switch. I read the owners manual and believe that its most likely a fuse or circuit breaker for the power to this system. I have looked all over the boat in the engine compartments and on the pump and have no idea where this would be and I have even read in the owner's manual for the Sealand/Vacuflush system that there is a fuse/circuit breaker. I also did just recently
  4. Hi Question from a cold Sweden:) How do I get access to change the hoses from the bilge and shower box in my Chaparral 250 2008? One hose is from the forward bilge pump, the second is from the shower to the Atwood shower box. I need to get access to the thruhulls...
  5. We are debating whether to go with the standard 3.5 gallon head or upgrade to the 15 gallon vacuflush head for our Sunesta 244. We think the need to not have to go to the dock for passengers to relieve themselves is "priceless" so we think a head is worth having. Questions are 1) what are the advantages of the upgrade vacuflush head versus the standard head? 2) Is it worth the money? 3) What impact does it have on the vessel's fresh water supply (as we understand the upgrade vacuflush head requires use of some the fresh water supply)?
  6. Hello, This boat is new to us and I am having a hard time understanding how the head (portapotty) works. There are 2 pipes, a red 3/4inch and a white flexible about 2inch that connects to the head. I assume one is the vent pipe and the other one the waste. I filled in the water and chemical in the clean tank but I do not know how the waste sytem is supposed to work. I don't see a pump or a switch or a grinder for the solids. Any help on it would be very appreciated,
  7. Please help me understand how the head (portapotty) works, 2 pipes, I guess one for vent one for solids but don't know how the waste works. Don't see a swich or a pump. (see picture of plumbing setup) Thank you
  8. Does anybody know where the blower for the head vent is actually located? I'm guessing it's similar to the 260 and the 270, so I'll take advice from folks who own those models too. There's another thread about this, but it's for the 290 which I don't believe is relevant to the 250 due to the location of the head (http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?showtopic=12701) That other thread did have some solid information such as the fact that the blower may be just fine and it may be a ground connection or another wiring issue beneath the helm. I'll check those out as well, but I'd sure like t
  9. Hi everyone - Happy Chanukah, Thanksgiving etc. to you all. Can anyone tell me exactly which version of the Vacuflush system is installed on my 2012 Signature 270. It looks nothing like any of the pictures and diagrams in the manual which i got with the boat. i read that one should change the filter on the vent line which should last 'one season' and we have been using it for a year without any problems or nasty smells. Being an obedient chap I thought I would change the filter but I can't find it and I can't even find a vent line connected to the tank! Simon
  10. Sorry for the duplicate posts, not starting off on the right foot here. Hello all, Sorry for the lengthy post. Most is background on our new boat although I do have a head question. Thanks very much for reading and letting me in the club. I have lurked a bit and found some very valuable information here. In December we purchased a 2005 256 ssi with the Volvo 8.1L GXi, captains call exhaust and arch (270hrs) and have naturally been itching to get on the water. We got lucky here in VA and had some good weather to do a sea trial with a surveyor, Capt. Emory Shover based here in northern VA. High
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