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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys need some help i have 2012 sun tracker fishin barge 22 dlx that I but 2 month ago when I got to lake I realize that I don't have the key and friend of mine was trying to hot wire to start it (I know it was stopped ting to do) and burn some fuses so in the end we go home the same day without get to the water.in the next day I replaced all the fuses that have bad and from then the ignition switch is not working and not gating power so after all day checkin the wireless and the fuse box I see that the fuse box have power 12v and when take power from there direct to the ignition everythin
  2. Changed batteries on the boat and forgot to turn battery switch off, installed new battery and now you turn the key on and have nothing, gauges won't work either. The blower, bilge, lights, ect all work but not the ignition. The fuse at the battery its good, i have pushed the red button on the motor, and the fuse in the wiring harness at the back of the engine is good, have pushed all the buttons under the steering column. This is a 2014 226 ssi with a 350 mercruiser. Any help would be appreciated
  3. I have a 67 mercury 950 ss outboard that I can't keep running. When I turn the key the boat fires right up but when I release the key it dies right out. But as long as I hold the key in start position it is running , of course the starter is running also.can someone help me? I changed the wire harness and the key switch and the same thing is happening.
  4. We have a 1994 Chaparral 1830 SS. It's a great 18' speedboat with a bow rider. I was trying get it started. It was cranking over and then just stopped responding to the key being turned. I checked the usual suspects like the kill switch, the throttle being in neutral, the battery being alive - all good. I then tested the wires going to the ignition switch and none of them have power. The blower has power. The horn has power. Everything in the dash is powered up except the ignition switch. It feels like some safety switch is off somewhere. I attempted to disassemble the quicksilver 3000 throttl
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