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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there, first of all I want to introduce myself. My Name is Markus, 58 years old, living in Germany and Spain, but I am German. I own a nice Chapparal Signiture 310 from 2011 with 2 x Volvo Penta 5,0 GXiE-P. She is located in Spain /Moraira. And I love that boat. I just added a new bow thruster and will go from Spain Moraira to Ibiza and Formentera as soon as the Corona regulations will allow that :-) Like the most of us I maintain the boat as good as possible. I can fix the most things by myself. Now I have a question. 2 of the dimmable lights outside at the equi
  2. Hey all, just bought our Chap a few weeks ago - did a lot of research and spent a lot of time "shopping" but finally found the one! I've already used this forum to gain a lot of knowledge - I was able to fix a speedometer issue thanks to the forums. But I can't find any relevant forum on this topic. I understand that the "knob" on my dash is the dimmer switch for the gauge lights, but I have been unable to get the gauges to light up. I've turned on the Nav lights, court lights, etc... and turned the dimmer switch every which way and can't seem to get these lights on. Any thoughts on where
  3. Hello to anyone listening (I’m going to rant so third paragraph begins my questions) I purchased a 2017 H2O sport back in February. It was a holdover model & it is my first experience with owning a boat. I’ve already put 30 hrs on it & so far it’s treated me well besides an anchor issue that will cost me a new seat cushion this winter. I am experiencing an issue with trying to put gas in it that I already read up about. Water is getting into the vent that is in the side of the hull & when I fuel up it pushes the water out but kicks the pump off b/c it’s not venting. I knew from rea
  4. Slapshot

    LED Project

    I'm starting a new project since I completed my bellows, shift cable, and hose replacement project. I want to upgrade or install the following: Bow Navigation Light (LED bulb upgrade) Cuddy Cabin Lights (LED bulb upgrade) Install 3 Courtesy Lights (1 at the Stern entrance/exit, 1 behind captain's chair and 1 behind passenger chair near the floor) Here is a picture of the original bulbs from the Cuddy Cabin Lights (left), and the Bow Navigation Light (right): Does anyone know the LED replacement for either of these? The one on the right has a part# 2641L, and my
  5. I had the light fixture separate that is right before the entrance into the cabin. This is the fixture in the well on the right before you go into the cabin. I was changing a burned out bulb and when I went to push the bulb into the fixture the black inner portion pushed out and fell back into the wall. It made a thump when if fell down. My problem is I don't see an access point to get hold of the wire. It appears to be between the bathroom and couch area. Any advice would be very helpful. Thanks, Bill
  6. Hi All! Went out for a sunset ride last night and all was going ok and all of a sudden all my helm switches went dead. Radio, Nav lights, bildge, etc don't work. I checked the fuses out back by the battery dials as well as under the dash and none stick out as burnt out. Any suggestions on where to look are greatly appreciated? Thanks Again, Big Rich
  7. Hey all- I have a 09' signature 280. It's really weird from time to time, the exterior lights stop working. (The front running lights, the top 2 white lights on the pole, and the back white light on the back of the boat). Every time i tell the marina they say it was just a fuse, but seems like on my boat its just those (at the risk of your mind wondering) those little rubber nipples. And if they are soft, the fuse is not popped (or relay, not sure of the right term here), Like when my radio just stopped the other day, i found the rubber nipple that said stereo on it, and it was hard, so i pre
  8. Does anyone know what the 'flashing light" upper left in the engine hours guage at the bottom of the speedometer means? I am unable to fing info in owners manual. thanks
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