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Found 7 results

  1. I have a 4.3L mercruiser alpha engine and have had a leak on the drive oil. I need to top it up but I'm not sure if it has had a the high performance quicksilver or the premium quicksilver gear oil in it. How can you tell the difference? Thanks, Jamie
  2. So disappointed in all involved here. A couple weeks ago my 2013 244 Sunesta started acting strange. It seemed to struggle getting into gear. In fact, I could let go of the throttle and count to 5 and then it would clunk into gear and engage the prop. This happened both in forward and reverse. I took the boat in for service. After inspecting the boat, they determined a bad “Cone Clutch”. They indicated a full rebuild of the lower unit would be necessary. I have a Mercury 2 yr warranty and a Brunswick +3 year extended warranty, but the claim was denied. After r
  3. Well I have a bit of a problem... I'm leaving for a big trip in 3 days and the ingnition switch is dead. I have checked all fuses under the dash, replaced ingnition switch itself, rewired all old and shorted wires and charged the battery. Every thing works that you can think of. Dash lights and gage's, motor can be moved up and down. (There's power to the motor oneself but not the ignition)Every thing works the ignition doesn't tick or make a sound ethier. I have tested power in many spots and one spot that has nothing is the solenoid wire this is interesting but I have no idea what to
  4. I'm researching what to get between H2O 21 or 216 SSi and cant seem to find comparison of pros and cons for Mercury vs Volvo. From what I read it's mainly service availability for each. So, without stirring Merc vs. Volvo debate, can someone point out the main technical differences between the two? On H2O side the choice is pretty easy between Mercury 4.5L MPI 1.62 Alpha 250 HP Volvo V-6 Gen V 1.66 SX 240 HP Volvo V-6 Gen V 1.97 SX 240 HP Catalyst. I like that the new Volvos have closed freshwater cooling system but not sure if 1.66 to 1.97 ratio would warrant g
  5. I'm looking to upgrade my prop. Currently, I've got a 21 pitch Mercury Black Max 3 blade mounted. I had a 21 pitch Vengeance reconditioned and mounted on the boat, but found similar performance to the cheaper Black Max. 4 hours after the $170 reconditioning, I smacked the Vengeance on a stump - I don't boat on that lake anymore. Everything I read about the Enertia seems to be favorable and many have praised it against the Revolution 4. I was settled on picking up a Rev 4, but I hate to give up the top end - I love seeing 50 mph on the GPS speedo at the end of the night ... I do an equal mix
  6. I have a '02 Chaparral 216ssi with the Mercruiser 5.0L MPI engine. I am currently running a refurb 3 blade AL prop 21" pitch which came with the boat. My current prop tops out around 4800-4900 rpm and the top speed is around 52 mph at WOT. I am looking to buy either a Mercury SS Rev 4 or AL Alpha 4 because I want to gain hole shot performance and stay on plane at lower speeds. I have read that the rev 4 is a great prop, but is it really worth 3-4x the price over the AL Alpha 4? If I go with the AL Alpha 4 would 18" be the correct pitch? If I go with the SS Rev 4 would 19" pitch be correct?. H
  7. Help my 05 chaparral with the 350 mag murcury engine is not starting after warming up. i have a check valve installed on the fuel system and installed a new fuel filter. If i crank the engine a few seconds and let off it will start. like a sweet spot . . . . im the only one that can keep it running lol i was told i need to install a + pressure fuel lift pump???? Help
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