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Found 5 results

  1. I have a pretty clean 2014 SSI with only 120 hours. Based on the gauge set up - I do not see room to add a Navi/map screen in the dash. Any recommendation on where to add the equipment. Suggestions on where I can possibly do it and keep the look "factory". Any pics you can share of your set up would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. After reading some of the recent topics it seems that this Compass 101 info below might be helpful. This is not a comprehensive write up, just a few basic concepts and gotchas that I have learned over time while boating. A compass by itself points to the magnetic North. To get the true North direction, the compass reading must be corrected for two effects. The first is magnetic deviation: the angular difference between magnetic North and the particular compass reading affected by nearby sources of magnetic or electromagnetic interference such as metals and electronics nearby.
  3. Slapshot

    LED Project

    I'm starting a new project since I completed my bellows, shift cable, and hose replacement project. I want to upgrade or install the following: Bow Navigation Light (LED bulb upgrade) Cuddy Cabin Lights (LED bulb upgrade) Install 3 Courtesy Lights (1 at the Stern entrance/exit, 1 behind captain's chair and 1 behind passenger chair near the floor) Here is a picture of the original bulbs from the Cuddy Cabin Lights (left), and the Bow Navigation Light (right): Does anyone know the LED replacement for either of these? The one on the right has a part# 2641L, and my
  4. We decided to go back home on Monday as weather turned iffy and the forecast was even worse. Wind, rain, and getting stronger and wetter. The day was like in the picture below … but it was suppose to clear in the afternoon and overnight … it didn't. It was supposed to be an easy going two hour trip. We sailed out of the transient marina in the afternoon, filled up in another, and called Canadian Border Services Agency to report the crossing and clear the landing. As NEXUS card holders it was supposed to be an expedited clearance on water … it wasn't … we got diverted to a reporting center so
  5. Some links and downloads that can be useful to all boaters in USA. Recommend downloading the US Aids to Navigation System brochure, PDF (see below). USCG BOATING SAFET HOME (resource center) http://www.uscgboating.org/default.aspx USCG BOATING SAFET REGULATIONS (confusing, links to ALL regulations and laws) http://www.uscgboating.org/regulations/default.aspx USCG BOATING SAFET NAVIGATION RULES (some good resources and links) http://www.uscgboating.org/regulations/navigation_rules.aspx - US Aids to Navigation System Brochure, PDF (good reference, minimum of what a boater should know) - http:
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