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Found 9 results

  1. Hello guys! I am now the proud owner of a PRISTINE Chaparral 1995 2130ss in the teal and gold color scheme. It is a gorgeous color combo and this boat is especially beautiful! I am the second owner and the boat has sat in indoor storage for the past 11 years. The boat only has 180 original hours and has no blemsihes, dings, fading, etc. The upholstery looks factory as does the gelcoat. The motor is a 5.7l GM block with a yamaha outdrive. All the electrical works (lights, blower, bilge, trim, etc.), the throttle shifts smooth as butter, and the steering is silky smooth as well. The motor does h
  2. My wife and I are getting in to the boating world after 20 years of camping. We have great friends that have shown us the way of enjoying Spring, Summer and Fall that just makes sense. We were paying for a camper that we only used 1 week a year. (foolish) We are heading out this week with a great sale's person from a marina to look at a Chaparral 280 Signature. 2002. Any helpful advise would be encouraged.
  3. Hello, I am relatively new to boating and just ordered a H2O 21 Sport. At the dealership they told me 8-10 weeks and they hope that the boy should come in around mid-July. I found older posts and it appears that the wait times differ based on high season, dealership volume, etc. The dealer is quite big I would say (Intermarine, South Florida). I don't know how the production works and if it totally differs from the concept of car manufacturing, meaning that you have different assembly lines for the type of boat. Any guidance you could give me to get a better understanding of the timeline
  4. Well, now that our 350 signature looks all shiny has been valued above what we owe on it, combined with some very decent equity in the house, we are now thinking about moving to something bigger. Here are what we have been looking at so far, 2015 Sea Ray 470 Sundancer, 2013 Cantius 48, 2010 Cranchi 47, 2012/13/14 Regal 520 Coupe, Azimut 50 Atlantis, and lastly 2010 Cruiser Yacht 52 Coupe. What are your thoughts?
  5. Hi all, My brother just acquired a '24 four winns i/o deckboat from his father-in-law's barn. It has been sitting there for about the last 5 years. From what he knows it was properly winterized before going into storage, and it was under a mooring cover. Our exposure to boat maintenance has been keeping up with our sailboats, sea-doos, various outboard motors and Chaparral 224 (as well as occasionally helping the lake neighbors with oil changes and winterizing). We know the complete history of all of our boats and have always done the routine, and sometimes non-routine, maintenance ourselves.
  6. Needed a 7.4L standard rotation mercruiser engine, used rebuilt new, mine turned terminal. I am in New Jersey Thanks in advance
  7. Here's the dilemma: Do we buy the brand new 246 SSI or the used '07 236 SSX? '07 has the 5.7L GXI with 135 hours (seldom used for the age) and 246 has the 5.7L 350 Mag Bravo 3. With all the dealer incentives right now, the cost difference is about . Any help on finding someone to inspect the used boat? It would be a sight unseen purchase which makes me nervous. How much to expect for cost of inspection? Seriously leaning towards new but wouldn't mind putting an extra in my pocket either. Any pros and cons you would like to share with a Newbie? Thanks in advance! Can't wait to join the owner
  8. Hello All. I am the proud new owner of a new 2012 216 ssi. My research on this forum was instrumental in my purchase decision. Thanks for all the great content!!! Now that the weather is somewhat warm, we have had her out a few times and I discovered the universal unwanted passenger.....water in the bilge. Now I am new at this, but pretty sure that any amount of water in the bilge of a brand new boat is not normal. She is stored at an indoor climate controlled facility (no rain water), has not been washed in weeks (no hose water), no one has boarded from the lake (wet). So, I don't see a
  9. I am the definition of a "Newbie"....!!!!! Finally ordered my first boat, after lots of researching...!!!!! Just wanted to hear about anyone's experiences when they ordered their Chaparral....???? Good or Bad..... And about how long did one wait to receive their Chaparral.......?????? We should receive our in mid to late May, hopefully....crossing fingers....!!!! Signed, Excited, Soon To Be, Chaparral Owner
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