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Found 6 results

  1. I have a 2003 chaparral signature, I bought in April, it has run great and haven't had any problems until yesterday. I was moored on the beach and when it was time to leave my boat would start then immediately die It did this about 10 times, then we pushed the throttle down and got it to start. was able to get back to my dock, shut is down and it started back up. let it sit without shore power for about an hour tried starting it and it immediately died. Hooked it up to shore power left it over night, went to start it up and it started right up with no problems. I am afraid to take it out on lake Michigan if I can't trust it. I thinking it could be a fuel issue as I hear my fuel pump run constantly when I turn on my batteries ( is this normal) , or a battery issue. ( am I supposed to switch from shore to AC main when I am out on the water?) Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Ok! What a weekend! 1st we blew another cranck shaft seal on the generator. My fault. Dirty strainer. But, now my one year old vacuflush is not sealing, so it's constantly running, my water pump won't stop running, I think I have air in the system, and today my holding tank shows full although it's empty and my macerator pump may be done too!!! I'm just really ticked off right now!!! i also have water coming in in the head, I assume while under way, underneath the sink, in the little storage that holds the toilet paper. This baffles me quite frankly. 2nd Edit; so now I have water in my mid cabin bilge, and sand. That's new! And now the water pump is running constantly and I have lost water pressure at the faucet. So that was the weekend!!! How exciting:-(
  3. So.... I have been checking out these awesome boats for some time. With the holiday weekend approaching fast, I decided to pull the trigger on a 2015 Vortex 203. I went to the only authorized dealer in the area despite all the bad online reviews. After paying for the boat, filling it up with gas and getting it in the water, I started to notice issues. First, the neutral idle is at 2k RPMS. This obviously makes to boat go forward and there's no way it can be on without moving. Second, after navigating out of the canal at 5MPH, I punched it..... WOW! What a loud boat at 8-9k RPMS. You would think I was going super fast..... NOPE. Still 8-10 MPH. Let off the gas and let water get tot he back of the boat..... Then hit it..... You get a better result. This does not seem right at all. Third... Let do some digging into our paperwork. No DVD, No owners manual, no papers, no diagrams... NOTHING. At this point, no need for counting. After 3 counted hours of the same issues.... Now the battery light in on, the check engine light is one, the service engine soon light is on..... AND the boat seems to simply cut off wen running at full speed. If you try to accelerate too fast, you just get major sputtering and the throttle just stops working all together. Did I mention the rear light pole is majorly bent, the seal around the windshield is torn in several places, the instrument panel has glue spots all over, the gas gauge show 3/4 of a tank right after I fill it up, there's a hole on one of the rear seats and there appears to be clear silicone caulk around one of the ports in the rear of the boat? After investigating a bit, I hear I could be suffering from cavitation and it may be an impeller issue. So, I pull the boat out of the water and investigate.... The impeller has chip marks on the blades. This helps explain but still does not explain all the issues with the engine, battery, etc. I simply cannot imagine this is a product that Chaparral signed off on and sent to the dealer. Can anyone help me with what my next move should be?
  4. I am replacing my chaparral that had a bravo one. boat I am looking at has a Volvo penta outdrive with a 5.7 vortec . any insight, problems with this outdrive?
  5. I bought a new 2008 250 and in 4 years have had the following problems: 1. Engine pressure module replaced 4 times 2. Water pump disengaged from the engine 3. Ceiling came down 4. Out drive repairs 5. Faulty distributor 6. Gauges fog up 7. Most recent - ground fault on boat side. I keep tripping the dockside GFI circuit breaker I have about 150 hours on the engine.... Anyone else experiencing these problems???
  6. Looking for some advice from someone that may have had this issue. I purchased a boat and then moved to another state. The boat is only a year old and the shifter is not working. Boat wont go into reverse when you shift into reverse it acts like its in neutral and just revs up. I called the local dealership and they all but told me they did not work on the volvo penta and only sold merc products and so they could not help. I would think given my warranty is with Chaparral they are responsible for fixing it one way or the other. Any suggestions???
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