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  1. Hello - I have a new 2019 Chaparral 21’ H2O w/ a 250 HP Merc and Alpha Drive. It came w/ a 3 blade 14.25 x 21P and I think it is over propped. WOT only 4300 RPM and 43mph. RPM range s/b 4800-5200. Would like to go to a 4-blade for Watersports. Any recommendations on size and pitch? What has worked for you. Shocked it shipped w/ something that only can get to 4300 RPM.
  2. Test drove this beautiful boat today. Was curious if anyone had experience with this boat powered by a Volvo Penta sx225 v6. I felt it was a little slow getting up out of the water. It had a stainless 14.5 x 19p prop. The ride was nice, I just had hopes of the throttle being more responsive. Was wondering if a 4 blade prop would give me more low end power. I’m going up a bit in boat size, getting off of a 2008 Larson 180sport powered by a Merc 4.3. I had smart tabs and a 14x23p prop. This little boat would jump out of the water when I put the hammer down. Any input or suggestions o
  3. Hi. I own a 2012 327 SSX. It is fitted with Mercury Bravo 350hp engines. I am trying to determine the factory spec for the props, as the current props, not OEM seem to be the wrong pitch and running the engine at too high RPM. Any guidance would be appreciated.
  4. I recently bought a 1995 Signature 240 with a 5.7 350 V8 Merc cruiser. Since it's in the water and winterized, I can't look at the prop. I need to find what is the recommended pitch for the prop so I can get a spare. Can't find any manuals for 1995 240 models. Anyone know?
  5. 2010 Signature 310 with twin 270 Volvo Penta 5.0 GXiCE-M Dual Prop (Model A 120563) I’m looking to order new props (long story.....) and minimize the down time, but can’t get the part number off the prop (murky waters). I’m 2nd owner. Original dealer says they can’t help me. Local dealer says same story. The best picture I have when she was on blocks is attached. Wish I would have taken a close up of that prop part. Any experts willing to weigh in?
  6. 1naylor

    gear ratio?

    Another noob - 2002 Chap 186 SSi with a 5.0. I'm looking for top end speed. I went to the online prop selector and what I don't know is the gear ratio of my out drive. How can I find this out? Or does anyone just have a good suggestion for me to use? Thank you!
  7. I’m new to the forums but been reading a lot of good information but thought I might throw my situation out there and see what you guys had to say I recently bought a new 21’ Thunderjet Luxor OB OS (aluminum hard top fishing boat) with a new F200 Yamaha Outboard which has a recommended WOT of 5000-6000 rpms. I bought it at sea level and brought it up to 6500 ft. elevation (elevation sucks). So I have playing with props. I am currently running an aluminum 13p x 16” prop getting the motor broke in. I installed trim tabs to help plain out. It runs at 5800 rpm at 34 mph at WOT. I would l
  8. I bought this boat in July 2015. I had a mechanic recommended to me by several friends check it out stem to stern. We did some basics (oil change, service outdrive, a few switches and bulbs that needed fixing, etc.) but all in all he said everything was in very good condition. Since then my kids and I have had a lot of fun on it without having to do much besides basic maintenance. I've made a few newbie mistakes and well, I guess my prop has paid the price for a few of them... Last time we were out I noticed a bit of vibration and upon inspecting the prop I can see it's taken a fair amoun
  9. Hi, newbie here. Just purchased my first boat, a 2017 21 H2O Ski & Fish OB. We went with the 150HP Yamaha. Supposed to be ready before Memorial weekend (I hope!). It comes with a stainless steel prop. We'll be using the boat to pull tubers/skiers, fishing, & general cruising with the family. It will be used at our cottage on an inland lake, which has a rocky bottom. Wondering if a switch to an aluminium prop would be a good idea? I realize I may be sacrificing some performance, but if I run the bottom, I'd rather ruin a prop than the whole motor... What do you guys think
  10. Caseyjoe

    07 190 SSI

    Does any one know what prop would have been on this boat stock? 5.0l Carb Alpha one out-drive
  11. Slapshot

    Proper Prop

    I want to replace my current aluminum factory Mercury propeller with a stainless propeller. I am not looking to upgrade or change performance because I am happy with the current time to plane. If anything I would select more top speed over hole shot. Here is my boat's configuration: 2004 Chaparral 215 SSi Mercury 5.0L with Alpha 1 Gen 2 (320 hours) 1.62 Gear Ratio Current Prop: 14.25 x 21P Can anyone please recommend a suitable replacement Stainless Steel Propeller? I tried to use Mercury's Prop Selector site, but it recommends Diameters and Pi
  12. Hello all, I currently have a 2004 Chaparral 204 with a 5.0l mercruiser alpha. it has the standard Mercury Quicksilver 14 3/4" x 21" three-blade aluminum prop. The poor boat is a total d-o-g getting out of the hole. I ma dragging forever and a day....... Top speed is around 45, i don't remember rpm but not maxed out. I've been researching props and there are so many different opinions which I understand. But I would like to hear from some of you who have switched out. Any feedback would be appreacited I'm thinking stainless steal 4 blade 19 pitch... but going from a
  13. So i've been on a sharp learning curve the past few days since becoming a first time ski boat owner. Thanks to all here who post, ive been all over this site soaking in your knowledge. I now understand prop pitch, rake, cup. My 220 has a volvo penta 5.0 with 1.51 outdrive i think, with a 14.5", 19p aluminum prop. Had her out once, didnt run wide open but wasnt sure what the wot rpm's were then. learned volvo says 4600-5000. So we did about 47 at 5000 ish. Id like to replace my prop without reinventing the wheel. If i decide on a certain size and pitch there is still a hundred to choos
  14. I have a 2007 Chaparral with a 5.0 GXI engine. I thought I've been having an issue with the throttle only switch breaking but I realized the switch isn't disengaging. So in short, when I move the throttle down, the boat believes I'm only revving the engine and doesn't spin the prop. I took apart the throttle to see what the issue is and there is nothing wrong. The little plastic button isn't broken, nothing's wrong with the wiring, it just doesn't disengage. Is this some sort of trigger being set off for safety reasons? If I jiggle the throttle too much, the switch comes so far out that I can'
  15. Looking to see if anyone out there has any experience on selecting the prop pitch for the Sig 350 (formerly the 330 before 2011). I have twin Merc 5.7 Mag 350 Bravo 3 and am using stainless 24 pitch props (came with boat). I am thinking of lowing the pitch slightly to get on plane quicker. I'm ok when the boat is not heavily loaded (just 4 of us) but once i add a few more people it obviously slows me down. I notice that many other cruisers of similar size that i ride in have little issue getting up on plane with the same 5.7 engines and 12 or more people . For me it takes a lot more time
  16. Hello. New to the site and new Chaparral owner. I have a new 21 foot H2O. love it!! I am looking to put a new stainless steel prop with a different pitch to give me more out of the whole shot / pulling skiers, etc. I know going to a 19 or 21 pitch would help. I don't mind losing top speed. Wondering if anyone has any advice / knowledge on the best set up for this - 3 or 4 blade, right pitch, etc. I have the following engine: Mercruiser 5.0L 1.62 Gear Ration. Alpha 260HP Thanks in advance for your help!!
  17. I have spun two hubs now in my prop. (Boat: 2000 Chaparral 245SSi Merc 5.7 EFI Bravo 1) Went to the prop shop again today, they advised me that I had the incorrect prop/pitch on it and that is why I keep spinning the hubs. The prop that was on it when I purchased the boat (two months ago) is/was a Turbo three blade stainless 22 pitch. The prop shop told me based on their book, I should be running at WOT 4800-5000 RPM. With the 22 pitch I am only running 3400. I now have a new 17 pitch four blade aluminum prop (Diameter 14.5) that they recommended (have not installed to test yet). What is e
  18. Okay wisers - after a little over half a season running with trim tabs, I seem to have more occurrences of prop blowout in turns than I had pre-trim tab days. Is this to be expected and what are you doing to minimize it? Should I be considering a prop upgrade? I am running the factory Bravo Three 24P 4/3 props that came on the boat. Thanks in advance....
  19. I was wondering if anyone had any experience or prop recommendations on a prop upgrade for a H2O 18 3.0 MPI. I have seen several post concerning the H2O 19, but very few on the 18. I believe it came with a 14.5X19 Black Max. I would like to go with a SS prop as I am very rarely in any shallow water, and do not have any stumps to worry about. Wanting an all around good performing prop. We primarily pull kids on large tubes, but my wife and I also wakeboard and ski a bit.
  20. i have a 4.3l LX mercuriser engine with a 3 blade SS 19p vengence prop. My buddy asked me about my WOT RPMS and he said i have the wrong pitch. WOT is 3600 RPMS plane / cruise 2800 RPMs roughly The engine was replaced in 2010 i believe with a new one. i read online my WOT should be around 4400-4800, and each inch down gives me 200 RPM? Should I run a 15 or 16p prop on my boat to fall inline with the engine requirements?
  21. I have a 2008 190 SSI with a 4.3 220hp Volvo Penta, with a 4 blade 19" 14.25" prop. I want to increase the low end performance to get on plane easier and quicker. Would changing the prop to a 17" (or even lower) SIGNIFICANTLY improve the low end performance. I'm OK loosing some top end performance. With 4 or 5 adults on the boat, it is hard to get on plane (even with 2 of them in the bow). Would this create any issues or overload the engine? Would a stainless prop make much difference. Any suggestions or experiences from others who have the same boat?
  22. I'm looking to upgrade my prop. Currently, I've got a 21 pitch Mercury Black Max 3 blade mounted. I had a 21 pitch Vengeance reconditioned and mounted on the boat, but found similar performance to the cheaper Black Max. 4 hours after the $170 reconditioning, I smacked the Vengeance on a stump - I don't boat on that lake anymore. Everything I read about the Enertia seems to be favorable and many have praised it against the Revolution 4. I was settled on picking up a Rev 4, but I hate to give up the top end - I love seeing 50 mph on the GPS speedo at the end of the night ... I do an equal mix
  23. I recently purchased a 1987 Chaparral 198XL that needs restored. I would like to get it running and on the water this summer and then work in the fall/winter to get it restored. It came powered with a 5.0L V8 with an Alpha One drive. The prop that is on there is dinged and bent pretty well. Does anyone have a recommendation for the right prop to put on this boat? I'd like to ski behind it, so pulling from a stop is more important than top end speed to me. Thanks for the help!!
  24. If you own a 190 SSI. What is your favorite prop and what dia/pitch is it? Thanks, Jim
  25. The body shop I work at fixed up a crack and painted the side of a 226 ssi for a customer. It took a long while but we got it all done and ready, but in the process of putting the canvas back on the top of it, a prop bar for the back canvas fell (only about 3 feet) and broke. The part that broke is the clamp that you undo to adjust the prop rod height, it snapped in half. I really need to replace this for him because He just bought the boat and its in brand new condition. I've looked around and the only thing i've found is you can buy a whole new canvas for the boat for around $950. The quest
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