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Found 14 results

  1. I bought a 2014 Chapparal 327 ssx from Florida, lift kept. Now in NJ slip. Did not realize 5-6 years was one of the marks where you need to replace a lot. I thought lift kept was good and now it has seemed to be the reason for nothing but problems. I suggest not getting a lift kept boat and also having a mechanic inspect the boat before you buy it as I only had a surveyor. Manifolds both need to be replaced, all O2 sensors, water pressure sensor, and possibly sea water pump. And there was much more replaced after we bought it. Got an awesome deal on the boat but have many issues. I guess that
  2. Peg Leg Gar

    206 ssi

    Howdy All, yup I'm new to the forum so be gentle: Have a 2011 206 ssi, the support for the starboard cushion hinge no longer holds in the "lounge" position. The dealers in my area have no information or experience in how to inspect, repair, or replace these parts should they need replacing. would anyone have any diagram's, pictures, or constructive advice on this matter ? here's a stock pic showing the lounge position thanks
  3. Does anyone know these part numbers or where I can find them. All chap dealers I call have no idea. Don't want to use universal unless I have to. Can't seem to find part number anywhere on internet. HELP!!!
  4. I'm looking for parts and service for a classic 1981 model Chaparral with mer cruiser in line 6. It's 17' Stern drive Any good sources out there?
  5. Okay, so I currently have a 285 SSX and was thinking of upgrading. Guess my question is will the winterization and spring start up cost be more than I can afford. I have had the local dealer doing the work on my 285SSX, maybe $800 for winterizing and $500 for spring start up. Can I simply double those numbers? Any thoughts?
  6. Okay, so I currently have a 285 SSX and was thinking of upgrading. Guess my question is will the winterization and spring start up cost be more than I can afford. I have had the local dealer doing the work on my 285SSX, maybe $800 for winterizing and $500 for spring start up. Can I simply double those numbers? Any thoughts?
  7. Hey guys, if you've been following the adventures of our new to us 2330 SS, then you know we've had some issues! Most have been squared away and I got around to replacing my thermostat in our boat. I made a video and the link is below. I found some interesting things along the way, but in the end it was a successful repair. I hope the weather is nice Saturday, as I'm looking forward to a nice lake day and peace of mind knowing that I am certain the boat is cooling correctly! This is my first video editing job, so don't be too harsh on me guys! I'm certainly not Spielberg... LOL.
  8. Newbie here. I bought a 2000 216 ssi last summer. it had 229 hours on it and was immaculate. The only issue I have noticed is that neutral is hard to get to. By that I mean I have to go past neutral into reverse and then bump it to neutral. It really makes docking a pain. When I had it winterized, (Michigan) the mechanic said the cable was too stretched and needed replaced. So I have 2 questions, Is he talking about throttle cable, shift cable or both? And if one and not the other, does it make sense to replace them all anyway? It seemed pretty pricey for a cable replacement. (yes I kno
  9. I mentioned my first power boat is a 43 year old Chapparal 15 in another thread. Several comments there have me thinking about this, so I thought I'd start another thread instead of hijacking that one. What spares and/or tools do you carry on the boat with you? For freshwater lakes, rivers, etc? Or for saltwater in-shore/ near-shore / off shore if it's different? Not talking safety equipment, that's a given. What have you had fail? How'd you deal with it? Seems like a good topic for the newbie section.
  10. Boat is a model year 2004 SSi 260 and the bow light is part number 3810P1 (based on the SSI 260 parts guide PDF). The bow light does not come on and I'm not sure exactly what the issue is. I live 3 hours from where the boat is kept, so unfortunately I cannot just run out and check it. I was wondering if anyone had any idea what kind of bulb this bow light takes, OR whether it's worth it replace the old bow light with a concealable LED bow light? What I'm not sure of is how the current bow lights is mounted (whether it screws in from the top, or whether there is a plate under the deck that
  11. I have a Sunesta 243 that is running great, but the tach will start and stop working. One minute its fine, the next its bouncing at 0. Any suggestions as to how to fix my problem? I don't want to damage the motor. Scott
  12. Any '89 2350 SX owners out there ever have an issue with trim cylinders and need to replace either the hoses or full cylinder kits for the upgraded version? Motor is the A231Q with duoprop Volvo Penta Outdrive.. Marina is telling me that I would have to pull the motor (and outdrive) in order to gain access to do the job - does anybody know if this is accurate? Marina is a reputable and certified Volvo Penta repair facility, I just need a sanity check here before I move forward with repair. I paid for the boat, (boat is in great condition) the repair estimate is - JUST TO REPLACE / REPAIR the
  13. Hi, I have a 1985 178 boat that has a shot engine cover that needs to be reconstructed. Apparently there are no shop design drawings remaining that detail the size, shape, angles, etc for creating the structural pieces that make up the cover. The remains of the cover I have are in such bad condition that I cannot get any measurements of value. Has anyone out there done this restoration before and could supply specs and/or tips for the reconstruction? I sure would appreciate any information. Other parts in the boat that need replacement are in good enough condition that I can template from them
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