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Found 4 results

  1. Hello fellow Chap owners. So I brought my 1995 Signature 27 in for it's yearly maintenance and I was very specific about inspecting the cooling system. My mechanic said they inspected it and found no problems but from looking at the picture you can see that's obviously not the case, you don't have to be an expert to see this and know there is a problem. Yesterday while I was out cruising the hose clamp broke which caused the engine to suddenly loose all of it's coolant and severely overheat while I was at 3000 rpm.(fyi: the "maintenance" was done just 1 week ago) The temperature gauge wa
  2. I have read many of your great responses and I figured I would introduce myself. I am Steve and I have just purchased a one owner 1985 Chaparral 238 XLC. The catch is it has been resting since 2000. I found it to be in pretty good condition for the amount of time it has been resting. It has the 230 Mercruiser with the alpha 1 best I can tell with the high-fire ignition. it was shrunk wrapped and in mostly good condition with some sun fade where the belly bands had allowed the shrink wrap to ride up. The first few things that I have noticed right away was the bellows were falling out of it, a t
  3. I was on the water today in my 2013 SSI 226 and got an audible alarm and a dash indicator that said something like “inadequate power to the engine.” I throttled down and got it back to my dock. When I lifted it out of the water, water spilled out of the bilge. I have never had anything like that happen. The water may have been from the fact that I washed the boat yesterday, but I don’t think so because I pumped the bilge when I was done cleaning. Any ideas?
  4. Our 2004 Chaparral 290 Signature is undergoing surgery! The fuel tank has to be replaced due to a persistent leak identified last October. Fiberglass workers have already removed the Aft cabin floor to expose the tank (and ventilate). Talks now indicate that further cuts will be necessary to get the tank out. They are proposing to remove the bulkhead in the engine compartment (mid cockpit) in order to be able to maneuver the tank out but at additional cost and time and obvious surface area intrusion. So the question to the forum is,: 1) Does this seem extreme for those who have been
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