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Found 10 results

  1. I have an unusual challenge : I have a 2000 200 SSE [purchased used] I have already purchased a new hub that matches an aftermarket steering wheel, however when I went to make the simple swap out, I found that the center steering nut will not loosen, how might I remove the hub in this case. Note that the new steering wheel does not match the bolt size of the original hub. Removing the steering wheel itself is simple except one of the six original hex screws was seized, this is not really supposed to be a problem since I have a replacement hub... as far as the old hub, I want to put a
  2. Hey guys, if you've been following the adventures of our new to us 2330 SS, then you know we've had some issues! Most have been squared away and I got around to replacing my thermostat in our boat. I made a video and the link is below. I found some interesting things along the way, but in the end it was a successful repair. I hope the weather is nice Saturday, as I'm looking forward to a nice lake day and peace of mind knowing that I am certain the boat is cooling correctly! This is my first video editing job, so don't be too harsh on me guys! I'm certainly not Spielberg... LOL.
  3. Has anyone replaced an crankshaft position sensor???
  4. Hello y'all. I hope everybody had a great Turkey day! Maybe even took their boat out! The time has come for us to replace the VHF radio. I have a Raymarine VHF 215 right now. I am looking for a suitable replacement. VHF218 maybe? Should I stay with Raymarine, if I switch to something else than Raymarine, should I be concern with any of the wiring and connections? Thank you for your input!
  5. Hello y'all. Quick question: has anybody removed the "big" TV on the aft wall right above the aft cabin on Signature 350? Because for the life of me, I can't figure out how that thing is affixed to the wall. Thank you y'all.
  6. I'm officially in the Boat Club - Bust Out Another Thousand. This forum gave me great info on my problem and wanted to also post a thread regarding my torsion axle issues to help the next person. On the return maiden voyage of my 2007 Chaparral 190 SSI (my 1st boat) I proudly looked in the passenger side mirror admiring my freshly fixed side marker lights glowing proudly when I saw smoke, lots of smoke followed by a screeching sound and a heavy tug on my GMC 1500. I thought to myself, welcome to boat ownership, 1st world problems. Luck was on my side, I was a few hundred years from my ho
  7. I have a norcold de 351-d ac/dc ffrig on my 1998 Signature 300 that is not working on DC side. Can anyone tell me which model will replace it. I'm looking for a new refrigerator not parts to fix old one. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  8. I got Sunesta 24 2006. Double battery crossover switch just fell apart in my hands. It's located on the back wall behind the main seat and it is not easy to remove. I unscrewed 4 holding fixtures but I guess the wiring is too short to let a whole piece to come out off the wall, it seems like there is no access to that area behind the wall, so I'm kinda stuck. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. Hey gang, So we have 8 speakers on L'atatude (and three sub-woofers). The eight speakers are all Sony XS-MP1620w. One of the speakers just below the radar arch on the port side has crapped out. I actually didn't know all this time what model speakers we had (they were installed by the original owner) until I removed the speaker from the side wall. This is when I found they are Sony XS-MP1620w. I went online today to see if I could find the exact same speaker to replace this blown one with, and boy was I surprised when I started reading the reviews. Turns out these speakers are great when
  10. Ugh. This is a double embarresing issue. I recently bought a 27' 2000 signature, on my second voyage, I got the boarding ladder caught in the port prop and it bent the ladder (prop had no damage). It will not calapse so I thought I would remove it and just get a replacement since bending back probably wouldn't work. Well, I removed it from the swim platform instead of just removing the screws that attach the ladder to the mount. What I didn't realize is that there is a cavaty in the swim platform where the nuts for the ladder mount are. I tried to reach back there to see if I could gra
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