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Found 11 results



    I got an used 2004 260 Chap. when in the water, the speedometer did not work. I looked in YouTube and seemed to be an easy fix according to the video, just blow the line or get a drill bit in the front of the sterndrive where the pressure is collected, because of some sort of foreign object, but these did not work. I tried to replace the speedometer, but it seems to be working just fine by putting some pressure in the gauge and watch it moving. btw, it is not easy to find an oversize 5" gauge! seems that 3" or 85mm are standard for most models. I kinda like the idea of installing a gps speedom
  2. I finally summarized by boat today, including making the speedometer function (the tube to the speedometer wasn't hooked up - the previous owner probably forgot to do so when he replaced the impeller). Anyways, my tach acts funny. It'll work fine 80% of the time, the other 20% it'll have a mind of it's own, rising to various RPM while the engine is idling. I would think that this is a bad ground. Also, my Humminbird depth sounder has never worked properly. So, I think I'm going to kill two birds with one stone and refresh my gauges, including a GPS speedometer. The question is, how do I gai
  3. Hey guys. My speedometer is not registering on my 89 1900. I bought a new speedometer and replace some it. I tried blowing out the line as well. So I'm not sure what else to do. Any Tips?? Thanks
  4. Ok guys I feel somewhat stupid in this trouble shooting issue i have been having with my speedometer. I have tried the drill bit in the pitot hole and cleaned debris out only to find out that my speedometer still didn't work. Just yesterday when I was cleaning the boat after having it out on the water I noticed a small diameter hose that was hanging down from the lower unit. Well you guessed it looks like somehow my pickup tube split in half not sure if it's age related the tube seems pliable still never the less is split in half. How hard is it to replace and does anyone have a video on this
  5. ahendri


    Ok guys need a little help. I've done some research on possible issues I maybe having with my speedometer not working. I've disconnected the pickup tube on the lower unit and used the drill bit by hand in the opening on the lower unit. I've cleaned out as much as I can there and used an air chuck to blow from the top down i'll get a little trickle of water out of the hole on the bottom. Is this normal or does that mean that there still maybe a blockage? If there is still something blocking the hole what do you suggest to get it out? Is there something you can snake through there and force the
  6. If your speedometer is not working, a good chance the intake hole is plugged up. I read that many times, but unfortunately, I could not easily find a Boat Talk post that showed EXACTLY where the intake hole was on my 236 SSX. Thankfully, after much searching, I found the answer. Shepherd (I think), posted a picture showing exactly where the hole is. It was a few years ago, but in hopes of helping someone else I am "reposting", and added a few topic tags. Finally, fixed, all good. I used an eyeglass screwdriver to unplug. Again, just thought I would "Pass it On"! Thanks!!!
  7. It's been two weeks since picking up my new 21 H2O Sport. This weekend, I had the misfortune of having the outboard hit a submerged stump. We were going about 10 mph, and the contact didn't seem too severe, but now I'm not getting any movement on the speedometer gauge. Can anyone point me in the right direction for replacing the speed sensor, clearing some intake, or how to reset the speedometer. Thanks, Jim
  8. So, my 5.7L Mercruiser bravo 3 speedometer is not working. So far, I have checked the hose at the speedo and the transom, they see to be intact. I have used a 5/64" drill bit to clean out the pitot tube hole on the out drive. I didn't feel any resistance and worked the majority of the drill length in. I can blow air from the back of the speedometer to the out drive. It's like the opposite of sucking on a warm milkshake. The air gets through, but it takes some pressure. This is with the boat in the water. Blowing hard on a hose hooked to the speedometer, we can get the speedometer to read 15
  9. I just picked up '98 2130 SS with a Mercruiser 5.0 EFI engine and Alpha drive. The boat is in great shape and well taken care of, but a couple of the gauges aren't functioning properly. I'm thinking it may be a slight electrical glitch - possibly a faulty ground. Here's what I've found. Speedometer - When I test drove the boat, the speedometer functioned intermittently. When I had it out on Sunday for four hours, the speedometer did not work at all. Depth Sounder - The in dash humminbird depth sounder works intermittently and isn't always accurate. Luckily, it tends to underestimate depth
  10. I asked this in another thread, but thought this unit could use its own thread. My speedometer in my '98 2130SS isn't working. I don't know if it's the gauge or a clogged/kinked pitot tube - it seems a lot of people have trouble with clogged pitot tubes and that the speedometers are never really accurate anyways. Speedhut makes a simple in-dash analog style GPS speedometer: Speedhut in-dash GPS Speedometer There's no tube or sensor to be hooked up - the antenna just needs to placed in an open location to receive GPS signals. The best part is that they are customizable for style - font, beze
  11. Hey again, Quick question. The speedometer on my boat would intermittently stop working(It lights up on the dash), but the needle doesn't move at all, but after a day or two on the water it would always fix itself and go back to normal and start working again. For the past few times out, it's been completely dead. Someone told me to clean something or other, but i have no idea where that is and if i can do it while still in the water. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks all!!! 2009 Signature 280 -Craig
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