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Found 6 results

  1. So I recently purchased a 2016 Suncoast with the Electric Steering (they are outboard) and the Wet Sounds stereo upgrade. The system sounds fine, but every time I rotate the steering wheel if the stereo is on you see/hear the subwoofer hum. If the stereo is on, but the volume is low...turning the steering wheel creates a low frequency moan from the subwoofer, you can see it oscillating in/out with every movement at the wheel. When music is playing, there is enough noise that this added signal is not really noticed; has anyone else seen this? I am suspecting I will need to add a choke to the po
  2. I'm posting this in the hopes it helps other Chaparral owners if they're interested in installing their own after-market subwoofer(s). I reviewed countless forums, no one could agree on how to cut the fiberglass (jigsaw vs. zipsaw vs. airsaw, etc.). Below is an overview of my recently completed installation. If you have any questions, please reply and I'll be happy to answer them. Equipment Installed: JL Audio M10IB5-SG 10:" subwoofer JL Audio MHX300/1 300 watt amplifier JL Audio RBC1 remote bass controller This installation is in-addition to our previously upgrad
  3. Looking for some sound advice! Just purchased a 2005 31 Signature and I am looking to upgrade the sound system. More specifically, the head unit, remotes (helm/transom) and speakers on the sides of the arch. I would also like to add a amp, sub-woofer and two exterior speakers somewhere on the aft so that we can hear the music while hanging out behind the boat. I saw a previous thread on this topic but it was an older post. Wondering if anyone has any experience with a similar year/model? Curious where others have put the sub-woofer on deck as well as the exterior speak
  4. I just bought a beautiful 2004 190 SSi a few months ago and immediately noticed the stock stereo could use a little boost. It would get very loud without distorting unless you turned the bass way down. So, I started looking around this forum for sub-woofer ideas. I always thought the rear bench seat was the ultimate place for a few subs. I quickly found out that a lot of people avoided putting speakers there for numerous reasons. The most talked about one was the curvature of the fiberglass panel. I found some good free air subs, ordered all my OFC wiring and parts, and with a little blood, a
  5. Any suggestions of the best place to mount a 10" JBL powered subwoofer? I would like for it to be Heard but not Seen. I was thinking of mounting on the port side under the glove box. The only problem is that it is a curved area. Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. So here's the rub: we have a "family" boat, meaning that it is shared among young and old alike. The "kids" (hardly young enough to be called that anymore) would like to put a subwoofer on board and I think it's a fine idea as long as it's not going to melt the boat into a pile of stinking plastic. The plan is for a removable set-up (see "Family boat" for the reasoning there). The sub/amp set-up/wiring/etc is from a car and works just fine. (I know it's not marine, but it's never going to live on the boat and it's never going to be left out in the elements and anyway it's mine and if it bre
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