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Found 13 results

  1. I broke the starboard side window in my 2007 Chappy 190SSi. I don’t need the entire wrap-around window assembly (5 pieces of glass), only the one piece of side glass. Dealership parts departments say they can’t help and refer me to local auto glass shops. Those shops say no-can-do. The glass is Taylor Made, so I’ve sent them an email; hopeful but not getting my expectations too high. Does anybody have suggestions or know where to find new or used glass?
  2. Has anybody had luck replacing a shattered windshield if it is no longer manufactured by TaylorMade and no longer in stock?
  3. I have a 1998 Chaparral 1830 SS Limited Edition. It has always been stored indoors in a warehouse. We are going to be moving it to Minnesota and want to store it in a standard two car garage with a standard two car garage door. It is on a single axle Heritage trailer. My biggest concern is whether it will be able to fit through the door because of the height of the windshield with the boat on the trailer. My question is how hard is it to lower or remove the windshield? Are there any do or dont's? Any tips or tricks for garage storage of this type and size boat. Thank you.
  4. I recently purchased a 2001 chaparral 205 sse. I am looking for replacement windshield mounts for the bimini. They are in good shape but if one breaks, I'm out of commission with the bimini. These are very unusual mounts and I cannot find them anywhere. Any response would be appreciated. Thanks. Scott
  5. I just bought a 2007 Chaparral 246 SSI. It's in great shape except the walk through windshield center door is missing. The previous owner said he broke it when drunk? Strange because the port and starboard windshield frames are not bent. But he threw out the whole center door including the frame. Nuts! I called the local Chaparral dealer and they said they could get one from Chaparral for just under $1,000! That's crazy for just the center piece, IMO. The windshield is made by Taylor Made. I called them but they referred me back to the dealer. Anyhow does anyone have any ideas where I
  6. I am looking for a port side anodized windshield for my 2003 243 Sunesta, any ideas where I can find one.? ( broken by flying debris in the storm,)
  7. I am looking for a port side anodized windshield for my 2003 243 Sunesta, any ideas where I can find one.? ( broken by flying debris in the storm,)
  8. Hello all, this is my 1st post, with a bit of a problem Ive just bought a signature 250 and its missing its windshield. Ive tried to contact all sorts of dealers and manufacturers, but with no luck. Spent hours on crazy looking and hard to read sites. Had some luck with a few, but even then It was either them not understanding english or not being able to manufacture in small quantities. This small thing has grown into a big frustration, so im hoping someone could point me in the right direction. This is what im looking for: 588-1040055 WINDSHI
  9. I live in PA and the ice storm we had a few weeks ago caused a branch to crash on my boat and shatter one of my windows. I am in the need for part or all of a windshield for a 1989 1900SX. The minimum that I need is the port front windshield and frame and the center winshield frame. The glass survived in the center section but the port front window was shattered and the top of the fram bent badly. I have been looking online for somebody selling a windshield or a junk boat with a windshield but I have not found anything. I did find a junk boat of a 2100sx and a 2300sx which appear to have the s
  10. Hello 246 SSi owners (ahoy Eric and 246inColorado...) and wisers, I attempted to install the clear connector between the windshield and the bimini last week during a little shower. Zips into the bimini just fine but could not get it stretched down to connect to the windshield snaps. Have you experienced this? I have the extra bimini support/brace installed at the rear of the cockpit from the rearmost port leg to the bulkhead behind the seat. Not sure if that is preventing some necessary "play" in the structure to tilt forward and secure the snaps or if it should install even with the rear brac
  11. Yesterday, the walkthrough section of the windshield on our 285 Sunesta came below the gasket. We were traveling back in seas that picked up over 3 feet unexpectedly. (The boat handles it very well for its size.Its the winshield that doesn't. ) Has anyone else had this issue? We tried pulling it back through...but, no go. It seems the windhield and the way its snaps are put on are one glaring weakness on the 285. Mentioned elsewhere in boat talk, you can't go over 20 mph without the plastic smacking you in the face. Chapparal needs to address this, as it doesn't happen on some of the competi
  12. Hello, I don't have a good place to hang a fender from mid ship. I tried the suction cups and ended up loosing an expensive fender. I don't really want to drill mew cleats into my boat. I've seen other boats on the lake that had clips that go around the windshield, but I'm unable to find any on Amazon, West Marine or Overtons. Any suggestions? 94 Chaparral 2130. Thank you and happy boating
  13. Love my 285 Sunesta. I do have an issue though. The plastic portion of the snaps to attach the plastic wind screen are really horrible. If I have the screen set up and start to speed up, they do not hold and the plastic hits you in the face, I have had a canvas repair person replace the metal portion that is on the windscreen with heavier and better ones. Yet, it it does not help. Has anyone else had this problem? Has anyone been able to corect it?
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