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Found 1 result

  1. So - the Navy announced the removal of the 7th Fleet commander yesterday. Probably just the start of major changes to come. The loss of 7 sailors on Fitz and now 10 more on the McCain. I still cannot figure our how a 800' long freighter broadsides a 500' long battle ready destroyer? Talk about a complete failure of seamanship. Even if this is a new form of terrorism - meaning, what if a foreign gov't paid freight captains to ram our battleships. it is plausible - a freighter appears harmless and has every right to be in the water relatively close to our ships traveling on the same course only to slightly alter course and rely on the ship to not react quickly enough. seems this happened twice in 2 months. how can the exact same accident happen? both ships were struck mid ship and basically removed (2) destroyers from the US Navy for the next few years while they are repaired or scrapped. $1billion in damage and 17 sailors lost. not to mention removal of our admiral, and most likely the officers and senior crews of both ships. that is quite the wound to our Navy with only minor damage done to a couple of container ships. if these accidents to our 7th fleet are new forms of warfare we are in a tough spot. any approaching non-military ship if fired on will have international uproar that a US vessel sunk a defenseless vessel. If they are simply accidents than our Navy and those crews were woefully incompetent especially the McCain crew as just 2 months earlier they should have learned a valuable lesson and all captains should have given orders to keep safe distances period!! Pardon my rant but (2) of my sons are entering the Navy and these recent accidents are unacceptable, the tragic loss of life over stupid actions or non actions by those in command have me concerned as a father and a citizen.
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