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Found 3 results

  1. love2boat

    GPS for 1999 2130 SS Sport

    Hello fellow boaters. I want to put a marine GPS unit on my 1999 2130 SS Sport. So far I like the Raymarine Dragonfly 5M (No Sonar) because of it's size, mount type and no sonar. My question is about the mounting location. I'm not exactly sure where on the dash (Or maybe somewhere else) would be the best place to mount GPS. The dash has limited space to begin with. I don't want to drill holes in the dash without being absolutely sure about the positioning and possible interference with other components under the dash. Does anyone out there have a 1999 2130 that they have a GPS unit mounted to? If so, your insight (Do's and don'ts) as it relates to mounting location would be greatly appreciated.
  2. porqueno

    fender clips!

    Hello, I don't have a good place to hang a fender from mid ship. I tried the suction cups and ended up loosing an expensive fender. I don't really want to drill mew cleats into my boat. I've seen other boats on the lake that had clips that go around the windshield, but I'm unable to find any on Amazon, West Marine or Overtons. Any suggestions? 94 Chaparral 2130. Thank you and happy boating
  3. LambChop

    Tachometer Adjustment ? - 2130 SS

    Do most boat tachometers have a calibration/adjustment knob on the back? I'm not sure what brand of gauges are in my boat. I haven't pulled the dash apart to check yet, but I have a suspicion that my tachometer might be off as much as 500-600 RPM. Why? I was out on Thursday night and noticed my tachometer was showing a bit over 5,200 RPM @ WOT. The boat is a 2130 SS with a 5.0 EFI putting power to the water through an Alpha 1 drive. I had 3 adults and one toddler in the boat (including myself) - so around 700 lbs worth of adults (my parents aren't very fit...) and a full tank of gas. The speedometer doesn't work, so I can't tell you the top speed. I'm sure the next question is what pitch is my prop... It's a 21 pitch 3 blade aluminum propeller. That seems like a steep pitch to be turning over 5,200 RPM to me... The drive ratio is 1.47:1. I've got an RPM indicator that I'm going to hook up to the motor tomorrow to see the actual revs that it is turning. If the read is different from what the tach says, any tips on solving the tach inaccuracy would be helpful. - Adam