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Found 3 results

  1. My boat will accumulate approx a gallon of water over the weekend while in the water. Thanks to a fellow member's suggestion, I believe I have narrowed it down to a leaking swim platform. What is the best way to remedy this leak without removing the platform? Back bolts out and coat them with sealant? Seal around the bracket that meets the transom? I dont really have access or arm length to reach the bolts on the inside of the transom. Boat is a 220ssi.
  2. I've got a 2006 220ssi, and yesterday i noticed that the bilge pump breaker keeps tripping. I can reset it, and the bilge will start up again, pump for 30 seconds, and trip. If i try to press the breaker, it will not reset immediately, however it will reset 1minĀ± later. The auto float also is not working due to this issue. From other forum searches, it sounds like there is potentially debris in the bilge water (this is post HEAVY spring cleaning) that is causing the bilge to potentially bind down and trip. Does that have merit? What else could it be?
  3. Hi guys! So I finally found my first boat. I had narrowed the search down to Chaparral after looking at pretty much every bowrider out there. After looking at the 190SSI, I decided it may be a bit too small for my needs. I then settled in for the search for a 210SSI but then came across a 2004 220SSI. I hadn't looked at this boat at all but i was very impressed when I saw it in person. We worked out a deal right there on the spot and pending a test drive I was on my way! The test went well and I bought the boat the next day. So, i ended up with a 2004 220SSI. It has a solid black Hullside-no decals. It is a 5.0MPI Merc boat with Corsa quick/quiet exhaust. It also has docking lights, snap on canvas, Extended swim platform and cockpit table. The previous owner also gave me all the accessories-a pair of skies, tube, floats, tow lines, spot light and flares, 8 life vests, and fenders/lines. Probably 7 hundred worth of stuff. It rides on a tandem axle MPI trailer with aluminum wheels. A nice looking rig if I do say so myself! I guess I may have questions in the future but for now: There is a cooler meant to set in a cubby on the starboard side of the boat. It had been lost and i would like to get a replacement. Is this just a standard cooler or a special model that will be a pain to get? Thanks for reading. It has been a long time coming. BMC
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