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Found 9 results

  1. Powell obsessed

    Captains call exhaust

    Had the boat out for the second time today since I purchased it . I have never had the captains call exhaust before and I was wondering if it was normal for a little exhaust to escape trough them when not turn on in the open position? There is a defiant sound when on but when off I noticed a little exhaust coming out this morning after they had been on for a while. Wasn’t sure if thats normal or not and if I should start investigating if it’s not.
  2. I have a 2001 230 SSI. It has the head with piano hinges. The piano hinges are pulling away from the fiberglass and making the holes bigger and ruining the fiberglass. It also causes the door to fall each time you pull it open and you have to pick it up in order to get it back into place where the door will close and be put into its seal. I have tried toggle bolts, putting epoxy in the holes and nothing has worked. Do anyone have a potential solution? Thanks for the help! 2001 Chaparral SSI 230
  3. I bought this boat in July 2015. I had a mechanic recommended to me by several friends check it out stem to stern. We did some basics (oil change, service outdrive, a few switches and bulbs that needed fixing, etc.) but all in all he said everything was in very good condition. Since then my kids and I have had a lot of fun on it without having to do much besides basic maintenance. I've made a few newbie mistakes and well, I guess my prop has paid the price for a few of them... Last time we were out I noticed a bit of vibration and upon inspecting the prop I can see it's taken a fair amount of abuse. I don't need to put it on a balancer to tell you its out of balanced. I'd include a picture but its too embarrassing... I'm going to replace it, but I'm not sure if I should just replace it with the one that's on there or if there is a better option? I tried a few of the "prop chooser" tools online but I never seem to have enough of the data they need for a full recommendation (for example, I have no idea what the boat weighs...) The prop that's on it now is a 48-832832A45 21P. It's aluminum, which seems to be where I'm leaning vs. SS... Anyone know if this was the prop that originally came with this setup or was it something different? My inclination is to simply replace what I've got with the same unless anyone has some kernel of wisdom or a recommendations they'd like to share. Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Tjburdette

    Cleaning up the wake

    I picked up a nice used 230 ssi earlier this year. It's been great so far but one complaint that I have is the wake is nasty until I get past 26 mph. I like to wakeboard a little bit here and there and I don't really like to be pulled past 22-23 but the wake at that speed is so nasty that I can't really do anything with it!! Any ideas?
  5. Weebz

    2005 230SSI 6.2L WIW?

    Hello all, Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm looking for my third boat, it's a 2005 230 SSI 6.2L with 212 hours on it. It has the normal boat wear and tear. Interior seats have one slight crack on the rear doghouse seat. Exterior has some scratches into the gel coat on both sides. At about th water line and slightly above. The dealer wants 37k for it, I'm wanting to upgrade from my 21 footer I have now. What do you think this boat is worth? Thanks http://mhford.com/Used-2005-Chaparral-BOAT-Wichita-KS/vd/18692365
  6. huhner

    2000 230 SSi

    I am considering purchasing a 2000 230 SSi, with 270 hours, 5.7 merc and steel propeller with a dual axel trailer. Fresh water, in Minnesota. I have a Honda Pilot 2012 with a towing package on it. A couple of questions: 1. Can I tow this boat with that truck? I have others personally tell me that they can tow a larger boat with this truck/SUV 2. What is a fair price for this boat? They are asking 19k for the boat and 2k for the trailer This is my first boat. Is this boat too large for a starter boat? Main usage on the St. Croix River in Wisconsin. Here are some pictures of it. Seems like a good boat, has a a pretty clean inside, a cover and overall in real nice shape.
  7. Gzwirn

    Install dual batteries

    Looking for 2004 230 SSI. Wiring Diagram so I can change from single batt to dual batt set-up. Local dealer says he can't help!
  8. sburk

    230 ssi for water sports?

    I am looking to purchase my first boat as an adult family man. I grew up on boats waterskiing, kneeboarding, tubing, etc. A local 2002 Chaparral 230 ssi 5.7 B3 is for sale in my area. I am wondering if this is too much boat for water sports. I have young children who will not be "hard core" wake boarders, but I would like to purchase a boat that is capable. I plan to participate in some of the activities as well. I also looked at a 210 ssi which was very nice. The 230 would be much roomier, just not sure if the size will also be a detractor. Thanks for all of your advice...can't wait to get back on the water.
  9. glass on my act is smashed out and don't hunk i can replace just the glass. Anyone have an idea of where i can find an identical replacement so my instrument panel looks the same without having to replace every instrument. Thanks