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Found 7 results

  1. I have a 2007 246 ssi Volvo-Penta 5.7 Gi-g I/O Can I change the impeller while boat is in the water?
  2. Hey everyone new to the forum. My wife and I recently upgraded from a 2004 glastron gx 255 to a 2019 246 ssi. I leveraged this site quite a bit before purchasing. I didnt see a lot of info on the newer 5.3 liter 300 hp volvo and I thought I would share my experience. We test drove an h20 23 250 hp merc, 257 ssx 6.2 300 hp merc and 277 ssx 6.2 350 hp merc. We are on Sebago in Maine which is a pretty big lake and theres a good amount of chop. We have a 6 yo boy who loves tubing and knee boarding and we lole to cruise. The h20 23 had suprisingly good power and would make a great entry level sport boat but didnt have a head and was smaller than we wanted. The 257 ssx was beautiful and had a really nice layout. The cabin felt wider than the 246 especially in the rear. The swim platform was a bit lower and longer and the sun pad was better suited for more than one. On the negative side the 300 hp merc felt underpowered. We reached a top speed of 44. It took a while to get on plane with 3 of us in the boat (probably 650lbs). At wakeboard/kneeboard speeds the bow was high and the wake was not rounded like id prefer. The 277 ssx had quite a bit more size to it. The 350hp merc felt like a good engine size reaching high 40's. It got on plan quicker and the factory trim tabs helped create a nice wake. The swim platform was huge and the sun pad was awesome. We really loved this boat but the price difference was considerable and we felt it would be intimidating for the kids during watersports. We ended up buying a 246 ssi which our marina decided not to stock so we hadnt test drove it. We have about 25 hours on it and are really falling in love with it. The upgraded head compartment is really nice. The cabinet provides good balance during entry and exit and the pressure water system is a huge plus. We do a lot of sandbar hopping and the transom shower is so nice. We have taken 6 adults and 5 kids out for a full day and the kids love the bow with the filler cushion and the adults love that they love it. With this load I had no problem hitting 44 mph in slight chop.. I do prefer the volvo cone clutch. I had a 5.7 l Volvo 280 hp on my previous glastron. The new 5.3 is really quick in the midrange and requires a steady throttle hand. We had the marina install lenco 4x12s. They reccomended the size and in hindsight I may have pushed for larger. That said I can cruise nose down at about 14mph and I can balance the load at that speed and above which is much better than moving people. I have had no problem handling rough water in the 246, weve been out in 3ft chop and had a comfortable ride at 16-20 mph.
  3. I just bought a 2007 Chaparral 246 SSI. It's in great shape except the walk through windshield center door is missing. The previous owner said he broke it when drunk? Strange because the port and starboard windshield frames are not bent. But he threw out the whole center door including the frame. Nuts! I called the local Chaparral dealer and they said they could get one from Chaparral for just under $1,000! That's crazy for just the center piece, IMO. The windshield is made by Taylor Made. I called them but they referred me back to the dealer. Anyhow does anyone have any ideas where I might find one used? I've checked eBay and Great Lakes Skipper so far but no luck. I'm wondering if there are other salvage yards that I might contact. Or if they sold the same windshield for other Chaparral models or other boat manufacturers. The Taylor Made Windshield part number is T-183142. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Lt. Dan - Lake Lanier in Georgia
  4. I was psyched to get the boat in the water tomorrow. I had the 300 hour work done this year on my 2011 246 SSi with Merc so i was hoping for a relatively problem free year. I brought boat home today, put a nice fresh coat of 303 on the covers, put all the stuff where it needs to go and went through checklist. I put water in the bilge - no bilge pump - either by float or switch. Checked circuit breakers. No noise or anything. How is one supposed to get at that? Thanks for any suggestions! Jim
  5. Just picked up my 2014 246 SSI yesterday pretty excited to get to go use it. Any body have any recommendations about the break in period for the boat?
  6. Here's the dilemma: Do we buy the brand new 246 SSI or the used '07 236 SSX? '07 has the 5.7L GXI with 135 hours (seldom used for the age) and 246 has the 5.7L 350 Mag Bravo 3. With all the dealer incentives right now, the cost difference is about . Any help on finding someone to inspect the used boat? It would be a sight unseen purchase which makes me nervous. How much to expect for cost of inspection? Seriously leaning towards new but wouldn't mind putting an extra in my pocket either. Any pros and cons you would like to share with a Newbie? Thanks in advance! Can't wait to join the owners club soon! Jason
  7. Bud C

    New 246 SSI

    I am fairly new to these forums, buying my first boat last year, a 2002 220 SSI. My family and I enjoyed the boat, but also had some major issues with the engine that ended up costing over $2K. With that behind us, we finished off the summer enjoying the boat and exploring the lake with friends and family. So we took another plunge with a new Chaparral, a 2011 246 SSI. We bought it at the New England boat show from the same marina that I had purchased the 2002 from. They gave me a fair price for my old boat, and a great discount on the leftover 2011. It also came with a 2+3 year warranty, (5 years), that made the decision easy. We spent more than we wanted, but feel that owning a new boat with an extended warranty is worth the money. I hope to post some pictures once we have the boat in the water.
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