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Found 7 results

  1. I just took delivery of my 2019 246 SSI Surf. The boat has a dangerous sway problem. There is less than 100lbs of tongue weight. I've put it as low as possible on my drop hitch and still no change. The boat and trailer sways excessively. I had thought that perhaps I was sold the wrong trailer, but it has a sticker with the boat year and model right on it. Anyone else have this problem? What can I do? If I go above 60 mph someone is going to get hurt. Fully gassed up and full of water does not place any more weight on the tongue. I can't imagine that Chaparral put this combination tog
  2. Folks, Anyone have experience with the new 6.2L Merc 300hp DP engine in a larger boat like the 246 that weight 4,400lbs dry? I currently own a 2008 Sunesta 224 w/ 5.7 VP 300hp DP engine. I love the boat and feel it has great power until I load it with 10 people then it has a little trouble getting on plane. It gets there, just takes longer then what i would like and at a minimum don't want my next boat to perform any worse. I'm considering trading it in and one of the boats I like is the 246 SSI. I'm a little nervous that going to a bigger/heavier boat with the same horsepower wi
  3. 1st time poster here... My wife and I have decided to pull the trigger on a new bow-rider. We moved to the Upstate SC area a few years back and have been chomping at the bit to get on the beautiful lakes here! I owned a H190 Four Winns back in my 20s so I'm not a complete rookie to all this. I've 90% narrowed it down to either the 246ssi, or the new "Calandra" by Bryant. I love the look of the new R5s from Cobalt but they're simply way out of our price range. I also looked at a 230slx Sea Ray, but liked the 246ssi much better, and the Four Winns H230 seems way overpriced for the quality c
  4. Hello 246 SSi owners (ahoy Eric and 246inColorado...) and wisers, I attempted to install the clear connector between the windshield and the bimini last week during a little shower. Zips into the bimini just fine but could not get it stretched down to connect to the windshield snaps. Have you experienced this? I have the extra bimini support/brace installed at the rear of the cockpit from the rearmost port leg to the bulkhead behind the seat. Not sure if that is preventing some necessary "play" in the structure to tilt forward and secure the snaps or if it should install even with the rear brac
  5. Hey 246 SSi owners - the 2013 website shows an arch tower option. The '11 and '12 website archives do not list an arch as an option although the '12 parts guide does list a wakeboard tower part number that is not shown in any of the stock photos. Just curious if anyone has retrofitted an '11 or '12 246SSi with a stock Chap arch tower or if this is even supported by the factory. Thanks KD
  6. Hi chap owners. I am getting really excited to get the boat in the water this weekend. As the new season is upon us, on the second year of owning my 246sii, I thought I would pose a question to all those who are savvy about speed and pitch control. Last year (at the beginning of the season) during boat orientation the dealer recommended 1/4 in raise on my prop when I reach above 3,000 rpms. However when adjust to about halfway from 1/8 to 1/4 and get into the high 30s the boat will begin to porpoise or the bow will begin to bounce slowly. I have been thinking of the following 3 options: 1.
  7. Splashed the new 246 SSi for the first time on Thursday. First thing I noticed is the wheel is about 1/16 to 1/8 turn clockwise when steering dead ahead. The vessel has 1.1 hours on it so just wondering if this is a characteristic of the boat at the beginning of the break-in period or is it an adjustment I need to get the dealer to make? Is this related to a thrust alignment problem or is the Telex steering mechanism just out of center? I had a new Tahoe Q6 Sport in 2008 with an Alpha 1 and similar Telex steering system that was not misaligned. Thanks, mates.
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