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Found 2 results

  1. TexasPilot71

    Camper Canvas - Pieces Missing

    Fall is in the air! I thought I'd check out the camper canvas for our 250 Sig this past weekend. I wanted to make sure I could properly install it and to make sure it's in good shape for the coming cooler weather. The canvas is in fantastic shape. I don't think the previous owner has ever had it installed. It was relatively easy to figure out and the zippers although a little stiff, zipped up just fine. The front Eisenglass is a little yellowed, but the canvas material itself is in almost perfect condition. EXCEPT that I am missing the side curtains. See pics: I've found the side curtains here, but I'm wondering if there are other sources or if this is the best place to order them. Seem a little pricey, but that's boating I guess Also, the little rings on the rear of the canvas that hook onto the transom studs are broken. Any idea how to replace them? I'm betting there's a better way to secure it to the boat without replacing them. Need to think about that one a little. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks as always!!
  2. TexasPilot71

    Battery Configuration

    I have a question regarding the configuration of batteries in our new-to-us 250 Signature. This boat normally comes from the factory with two batteries…one engine battery and one house battery. Our boat has been modified to include a third battery (one cranking battery and two deep cycle batteries). I am trying to understand the logic in the way the third battery was installed. The boat was upgraded with a premium stereo system and radar. I presumed the additional deep cycle battery was so that I had two deep cycle house batteries to better run the stereo. However, in the “house battery circuit”, there is simply one deep cycle battery (just like it comes from the factory). In the “engine battery circuit”, there is one cranking battery and one deep cycle battery in parallel with each other. Any ideas on the logic of this setup? I have half a mind to reconfigure it so that the two deep cycle batteries act as “house batteries” and dedicate the cranking battery to the engine battery circuit. Why would I need a deep cycle battery in the engine battery circuit? Of course, I can switch the “emergency” battery switch to the “on” position which enables all batteries to be used (and charged via alternator), but doesn’t that harm the cranking battery if it were to be deep cycled? Very confused.