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Found 8 results

  1. NautiBuoy

    New 256 SSI Dash

    Firstly I apologise for the new thread as I couldn't find the right search words to find the old ones on the same topic. I bought a 2006 256 SSI last year, it was in pretty good shape already but I have set about various upgrades as the year progressed. The wood 'metal' dashboards were delaminating around the screw holes and looked untidy so I did some research to work out what to do. Replacement parts are impossible and custom ones are expensive. I found some awesome posts on here where lots of people had been asking the same thing and one or two had posted pictures of their modifications using vinyl wraps. Inspired by these posts I had a go and I can tell you the results are impressive with very little effort (other than re-wiring!) It gave me the oppurtunity to flush mount the chart plotter as there are no good places to mount it on this boat and rearranged some of the switches. The stereo remote had been replaced with a MW4 anyway so it already looked untidy. The result is so close to the original that you could get away with only doing one panel although I did all 3. I cut the panels out of 6mm marine ply, used 3M DI-NOC vinyl wrap with a heat gun to stretch and copious layers of sprayed lacquer to lift out the high gloss. Even up close it looks like a highly polished piece of mahogany, your instruments and switches neatly hide your craftsman imperfections. Remember to label your wires and take lots of photos. This took me a while and I did it in stages over about 6 months. The first panel loos just like the last one that I only just finished today. Total cost was about $60 not including new toys in the dash like the fume detector etc. I hope this will be of use to someone, I have got so much out of posts like this in the past. Cheers Ben
  2. I bought my boat last year and the boat came with the forward side curtains and the connector piece only. My boat has a radar arch and Bimini top connected to it. I want to buy the missing camper side curtain and camper aft curtain to cover the aft for boating in the fall or to use on rainy days but the Ameritex and RNR Marine prices are too expensive for both pieces, almost 1500 deers. Does anyone have pictures of the boat with the camper side curtain and camper aft curtain in place that you can share? You had it custom made? What's the approximate cost? Thank you
  3. 51timber

    256 SSI vs. 284 Sunesta

    So I sold my 2009 256 ssi with a Merc 6.2 L and I am looking for a replacement. I have my eye on a 2010, 284 Sunesta. Its got the H.O. 425 in it. My primary question / concern is, is there any difference in the ride? Specifically in the rough stuff off the coast of Massachusetts, I am always going out in "1'or less' and it turns out to be 2'-4'in seas that have no direction. Its almost like boiling water. The 256 did a great job. But I am looking for a bit better of a ride. I want the 327 ssx or 307, they are still outside what I am willing to pay for a clean used one. Ideally I want something with twins but taking into account the pricing and not wanting a boat thats too old I am inclined toward the 284. What do you think? How would the two stack up against each other in performance and ride? Also how is the reliability of the Merc 496 H.O. ? Man I wish Chaparral still made a 285 Cuddy with twins. that would perform better than a signature.
  4. Quick question, I have a 2009 256 SSI with 220 hours and a 6.2 L Mercruiser. The valve covers have started to rust and I would like to replace them soon. But I did the Risers and manifolds 2 seasons ago. In order to replace the valve covers I will need to remove the Risers and manifolds again. Should I replace them? (Seems like a waste since they should have at least 3 more seasons) Should I clean out any rust and just replace the gaskets? Or should I not clean them out and just replace the gaskets? Also I am thing of replacing any parts like the Alternator, Steering cable, Starter, Fuel pumps etc for preventative maintenance. Any parts come to mind I should have on that list?
  5. Hey everyone, I just recently purchased a 2007 256SSX with 8.1 Volvo and Douprop (125 hours).....Love the boat thus far but slightly concerned about something I saw while out on the water the other day. i'll clarify that i'm a newbie here, but hoping to get your help/opinions on where to start with this issue. When the boat was at idle and in neutral after a good 1-2 hours of driving, i started to notice small bubbles of either oil or P/S fluid, or possibly unburned fuel coming up from behind the swim platform...maybe 2 or 3 "bubbles" surfacing every couple seconds. I've had the boat out a few times before this and hadn't noticed it, but this was the first time out where i had ran it for an extended period of time. I'm trying not to freak out over this (yet), but wondering if anyone else has had this issue. The engine runs great, starts right up, pulls strong, and the power steering seems to function as intended. Aside from seeing these occasional bubbles that give off a rainbow slick (which each one dissapates in a matter of seconds) i wouldnt even know anything is potentailly wrong. If it's as simple as unburned fuel/carbon buildup, that's not as concerning, but curious if there are other specific places i should check for leaks. I'm going to head down to the slip after work and check oil and P/S levels but open ot any help/suggestions from you guys. Will get some pictures up soon, thanks guys, glad to be here. Dan

    256 SSI Driver's Side Window

    I have recently acquired a 2006 Chaparral 256 SSI with the radar arch. Got it for a steep discount but had salt water exposure and no driver's side window. The frame for the window is in place. I would think there has to be a boat yard or old chaparral 256 sitting around damaged somewhere with a driver's side window but no water to play on. Any suggestions, directions, and/or advice?
  7. CaptScott

    256 Steering Wheel Replacement

    Any idea if this Uflex V26 Mahogany Steering Wheel will work on a 2005 256 ssi? I understand that the boat has a splined shaft but being away from the boat it is a bit unclear to me if the wheel bolts to an adapter or if the splines are molded into the wheel itself. I would love to upgrade to the Three Spoke model 509 or the Four Spoke model 910 but I really don't think I can justify the deer. I currently have the 4 spoke MAHOGANY STEERING WHEEL and it is cracked along a seam in the rear. I could replace with the same but prefer an updated look. Thanks very much Uflex V26
  8. curtcherry

    276 ssx or 256 ssx

    All right Chaparral owners... I need your opinions in a major way. I like the size of a 276 but a smaller boat is easier to haul and ski behind. Getting ready to buy one or the other. Do you or can you ski behind a 276??? I am sure it is easy to tube behind??? Need your thoughts. Thanks in advance. Curt