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Found 6 results

  1. Considering installing a Transom Shower on my 2006 260 SSI. Any Do's or Don't I should consider?
  2. Because there are not many sub-forums for boat modeal types here, and I have found some great information buried from long lost members, I wanted to try and gather good info for '03 and thereabouts Sig 260 owners to one thread. Older posts will be linked to so you won't have to go dig 45 pages deep to find them, and I welcome postings from current members who have something to share. In my experience the web is pretty quiet about some of the things I have looked for. If we share what we learn with each other we can save time to spend on the water! Some of you have been great help to me, and I thought, we can't have the knowledge so difficult to find when the next person comes along, and if it is all together in one place, so much the better! With that, I will start taking pictures and making my posts in this thread. Calling Sig 260 Owners!
  3. I recently purchased a 1998 Sig 260. I have this cushion that is the shape of the Stern Table Top. We are trying to determine if the table will make a bed in the Stern. The table legs are tall. I cannot find any short ones. Does this Stern table make a bed like the one in cabin? Thanks
  4. I just received a brand new swim platform for my 2004 260 ssi. It is not pre-drilled and haven't had luck getting a guide from Chaparral. Would anyone have a 260 with a factory platform installed that could shoot me locations of the attachment bolts ? Thanks!!!
  5. Hi y'all - first post here. I am a new "custodian" of my (father-in-law's) 2004 SSI 260. I'm trying to find some information about the support bars for the removable stern cushions that make the stern wrap-around seat into a full lounge / sun bed. The boat came with the cushions (in grear condition, even) but it would appear that the cross members to support the cushions were left out. I am only assuming that this is how these two cushions are supported. If I'm wrong and y'all know what I'm talking about, please correct me. Assuming this is how the cushions are supported, my question is this: can I just cut a couple of pieces of stainless tubing to size, cap the ends to keep from scratching the gel coat, and be alright? Or is there some sort of additional support that I'll need? I can't seem to find a single picture of what I'm talking about so I'm reaching out to the forum to help me out. Thanks in advance. -Mark
  6. First of all, thanks to this awesome forum. I've learned so much in the 5 years with my '01 Sig 260. I got the good news last weekend from the admiral that it's time for an upgrade. We have our eyes set on a '06ish 330. I've read all your horror stories about the XDP drives, and will be avoiding those at all costs. I just want to confirm that the DP drives are different and are ok? One of the boats we are considering has the Volvo 5.7 GI engines with DP drives I believe. In addition to the drives, it sounds like the thermostats on the fridges are a common problem. Lastly, if anybody has any advice or experiences about buying out of area feel free to jump in. From what I've learned so far: among other things, I should try to be present for the independent survey and it needs to be shrink wrapped for transport. Thanks so much.
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