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Found 9 results

  1. Last week I put a contract in on a 2011 264 Sunesta that was down in Marco Island, Fl. The boat was exactly what I wanted but logistics of getting it up here was proving to be a little tough. Additionally, I am really afraid that this boat is going to be clobbered in the hurricane tomorrow as Marco Island is expecting 12-15ft of storm surge. I went to a dealer today who had some nice used Chaps today. Well, I am now the proud owner of a brand new 2018 264 Sunesta. The dealer cut a VERY good deal and I couldn't refuse. I just cancelled the contract on the Marco Island boat! Very excited to have a BRAND new Chap with all the warranty and support!
  2. Finally getting some here heat hear on Lake Michigan. Went to take the 264 out for a sunset spin. Got to the dock, started throwing lines and was surprised to notice the pop-up cleat on the port bow was completely loose. Its still attached but now has TONS of play and is super splashy from side-to-side. Does anyone have any idea how to tighten it or get access to the bolts from the underside?? There doesn't seem to be reach from inside the anchor locker. I'm clueless how to reach it and concerned as this is one of our main tie-downs at slip.
  3. I was thoroughly beat'n by my fresh water tank yesterday. First year w the 264. Pulled him (Raul) out of storage yesterday. Started my pre-season process. Got to flushing the fresh water system. Went to fill the tank with the garden hose only to get a sprayed of back-pressured water shooting out the fill hole. Clearly air in the system. Tried all different combinations of opening the the faucet/showers, running water/no water, running the pressure pump, etc but could never get the air to clear from the system. The fill-process would only take a small sip from the hose, overflow, then slowly drink it down and repeat. Took the better part of an hr to finally fill the 10gal tank - embarrassing. Guessing/hoping there's an air-lock release or a trick I'm missing - plz help!!
  4. So my '08 264 Sunesta has a half-tank of fuel visible but the fuel gauge isn't reading a tick past E. I'm guessing/hoping its the fuel sender in the tank vs a faulty gauge but wondering if this a known/common issue and/or is there an easy way to test other than replacing one at a time? Awesome board as always..looking forward to feedback from the group!
  5. I'm sure this topic has had it's rounds but never hurts to refresh. The admiral and I picked-up an '08 264 Sunesta this past fall. Gorgeous boat, low hours and fairly well equipped minus the bow filler cushions. I know thoughts on bow fillers are mixed but since the rear bench seat on our 264 is fixed, the filler cushions are a must for us. I contacted my local dealer for a quote and although they can order one direct from Chap in still matching fabric (not important to us) they want an annoying amount of deer for it. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions on other ways to get this done or perhaps would be looking to part with the one that's been sitting in your garage collecting dust for the past x-number of years??
  6. Hot and humid day today, went to local restaurant 20 min away, motored through no wake zone for another 10 min or so. 1.5 hrs later, back in boat and hear whining from engine compartment when idling, faint. Trundle through no wake, and gets slightly louder. Dock to get ice cream, open hatch and whine seems to be coming from steering rack. Check fluid, not foamy and at proper level, belt looks to be aligned properly. Come back hour later, same issue through no wake zone, even with blowers running to pull cool air into compartment. Whine seems to change with steering input. Hop on plane since steering feels fine, get back to marina and no more noise. Seems that something was hot and needed some high speed air to cool it down. Signs of problem to come?
  7. Hanging on hook on the Bohemia River today and it was blowing hard, was taking a real beating from the waves. The drain for the gutter surrounding the ski locker opening kept belching water with every wave, dumping into the locker. I could not see a seacock on the drain line, which drained port side mid hull. The line disappeared past my fresh water holding tank. Should there be one there? I notice the ski locker lid was rubber lined, maybe that's supposed to make a seal when closed against the gutter lip?
  8. I've always towed long distance with factory snap down bow and cockpit covers in place on my 254 and never had an issue. Selling dealer of my 264 is suggesting removing all canvas for the 9hr tow (hired hauler). Any reason the 264 factory covers should be any less robust than the 254 for towing? Would rather avoid losing cushions and getting road debris in the boat.
  9. http://www.boattest.com/boats/boat_video.aspx?ID=2730
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