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Found 8 results

  1. El Capitans.. I am having my 264 coated in bottom paint and have narrowed it down between Interlux VC-17 and Pettit Vivid (please no religious debate on whether to paint or not paint) I wet slip in the Milwaukee River from May-Oct. Last season was the first season for the 264 – trailer princess prior. The ‘fresh’ water is HIGHLY-organic and despite regular in-water scrubbing, by Oct the south facing side was covered in a thick coat of green fur. An acid wash later and the fur was gone, minus some minor staining. More concerning, the acid wash revealed a handful of small blister, soo time to lock it down. I have no concerns over sacrificing a mph or two off of top-end, my priority is resistance to fouling, durability & longevity. VC-17 feels like the gold standard to me, Vivid is attractive on account I can color match the hull or to my grey band and mimic the ‘stealth’ option avl on the 2018’s. Again my priority is resistance to fouling, durability & longevity. Thoughts??
  2. Kehrlide

    Spring Cleaning Routine?

    I was curious if anyone out there had a proven routine for getting the boat ready in the spring. I leave my 264 Sunesta in the water all year under cover but it still gets coated with pollen. I usually strip everything out of the boat, all canvases, carpet, cockpit pillows, head towels, microfiber cloths, life jackets and take home for a good wash. Anyone have some good suggestions for cleaning sunbrella canvases, and the boat carpets? Right now I am just using the home carpet steam cleaner on the carpets and laying the canvases on the driveway and hosing off and scrubbing with pole brush with soap, spraying off and using the 303 protection when it dries....it’s always a bear of a job so if anyone has a better faster way I’m all ears. As as far as the boat interior I usually just spray everything down and go over floors with the same pole brush and then microfiber towel everything else with the 303 cleaner.
  3. Captain Ed

    When to get a new prop?

    I just bought a used 264 that has 660 hours on it. Runs great, seems to have been well maintained. A new out drive was installed in 2017. The prop set looks like the originals, they look okay, the edges are slightly nibbled in areas, no big hits. My question is; should I just replace the props as a matter of maintenance? Will it perform better with fresh props? Also has anyone had any experience with SOLAS brand props? I found a new set for $749.
  4. I have an '03 Sunesta 263 with the 350MPI. Love the wraparound seating and overall utility. Generally have 8 on board (4 adults 4 kids) and a mix of just riding around with an increasing amount of water sports as my kids are getting older (10 and 8). I'd love an arch and a little more pulling power. No real direct replacement for this boat in the '10-'13 (I want to buy used) model years as the 264 is a tad shorter, the 284 is bigger ('9 beam) and the 277 doesn't have the wide bow. SO, I guess the 264 is probably the best upgrade choice? Would love input on this as well as going with the Volvo 6.0L versus Merc 8.2 regardless of which boat I upgrade to. Appreciate any and all thoughts!
  5. LanierMike

    284 vs. 264...Thoughts?

    Anyone use either of these as a ski/wakeboard boat? I have an older 263 Sunesta and looking to go to either the 264 or 284 (or maybe Regal 2700?). The 264 is actually a little smaller while the 284 is bigger (beam and obviously length). I don't really want to go smaller but am concerned the 284 is just too big of a boat for pulling skiers/wakeboarders? We typically have four adults and 4 kids on our boat and a full day of boating may consist of 80% riding/sitting in coves and 20% water sports.
  6. donniew123

    Error code 126 on Tachometer

    Howdy folks, I have a brand new Chaparral Sunesta 264 with a Volvo 320 OceanX. I don't know about older Sunestas, but I do know there are some significant changes in the helm from previous years which include the 7 inch touch screen garmin and 2 Faria gauges. Our old 216 SSI was not near as fancy. When we first took the boat out with the dealer when we were attempting to accelerate from idle speed we would get a 126 error code on the tach and the alarms would go off. It did this about 50% of the time. On that first day my wife and I decided to have lunch out on the lake and the Chaparral dealer sent out a tech to check the boat out. After hooking up his daignostic software \ laptop he decided that a component on the engine side of the throttle needed to be swapped out. We no longer had the problem with accelerating. Shortly thereafter we started getting the 126 code after the 3 warning beeps (ignition turned on and going through self test) and the tach needle goes up and down. The alarm goes off ... the LED says something to the effect "Return to delear for service". We just took the boat in for servicing to our dealer as the LED suggested and they are telling us this might be normal. However, if this always happens how are we supposed to know when there really is a problem. I heard that there was someone with a 277 SSX that had a similar problem. Anyone have ideas? I have sent a request to Chaparral proper, but no reply as of yet. Thanks!
  7. Just ordered a 2013 264 Sunesta and we are very excited for it to arrive. However, after spending some time on the forum, I'm second guessing my engine choice. I ordered VP 320, based on our salespersons recommendation. He stated that we would be very happy with the 320 hp engine. I also added trim tabs to assist in plaining. My concern is that we will always run the boat at about 4500' elevation, usually with a boat load of teens wanting to raft, ski, kneeboard, and wakeboard. The salesperson spoke to the Chaparral rep and confirmed that this setup would be just fine and not really worth the $ upgrade to the 380 hp. Here's my experience with our past boat. A 2004 Four Winns Horizon 230 with VP Gxi 5.7 320 hp single prop. Lots of prop issues, never really solved, but ended up with an adequate prop that had good hole shot, but only a top speed of about 35 mph. I know that having the dual props and trim tabs on the new 264 will help all the way around, but the 230 weighs about a 1000 pounds less that the 264. With this being a $ boat, am I making the right choice with the 320 hp vs. 380 hp? Thanks for your thoughts!
  8. I just picked up a new to me 2008 264 Sunesta. Boat is copper in color with orange canvas. Maybe a rust color (not sure what the correct name of it is). Canvas on the arch and bow cover have obviously always been on and out in the sun. This was used with a mooring type cover that went from the windshield to the stern. All faded very badly. The previous owner had an additional option for canvas that tied into the arch from the windshield and stern to arch, plus all the windows. Being it was never used it looks brand new. Putting these pieces up makes everything look worse. I had a talk with the dealer before we finalized the deal to make a claim to get these replaced being it is only. Four years old. Anyone have any luck with sunbrella standing behind their no fade warranty? Thanks in advance for any input.