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Found 5 results

  1. So getting up early and checking out a 290 signature. If everything goes well, I will be a new Chaparral boat owner. Thanks to these forums I feel like I have found the right boat. Just hoping nothing shows up in the survey.
  2. Hi everyone, i am wondering if someone else has had this problem. I was running my boat over the weekend and the stb engine want to run warm during the trip (285-290 range/no alarm). I have checked the water inlets and the main water pump and all is good. Do you think it’s the circulation pump on the engine that may be causing the issue? And if so, can I change it with out pulling the boat? Thanks to all!
  3. I replaced the sensor for my M-1 fume detector and it is still giving me problems. I discovered that the wire that runs from the detector to the in dash monitor is faulty. Does anyone have an easy way to run this wire? I tried giving a little tug but the existing wire won't budge. 2007 290 Signature. thanks Ed
  4. I have a 2001 280 Signature, which was re-badged as a 290 in 2004. I am looking to replace the canvas with the newer style which came out in 2006 -2007 for the 290. My canvas goes under the arch, and the newer canvas attaches to the arch. Hopefuly this will give me the additional headroom at the helm that I need, I'm 6'4". In addition, the speakers and lights on the arch will be inside the canvas, instead of outside, and it will be easier to fold up the bimini to the arch. I have a connection to Taylor Made- Ameritech, which made the factory canvas. He is trying to get me a deal on a replacement. I am looking for pictures of the full camper canvas, and I need a Hull Id or Vin number for Ameritech to identify what was provided. I have a feeling that I might be able to use the original bimini poles, just mount them on the arch towards the stern, instead of going under the arch. That would also save me a lot of money, stainless is expensive. Any pictures of the mounting locations, hardware, dimensions would be greatly appreciated. I added a picture of my boat, and an image of a 2006 290 from the internet. Hopefully someone on this forum has a camper canvas similar to this and would be willing to share some information with me. If you are concerned about posting your Vin number on line, you can send any inforrmation to me at Bilacqua@verizon.net. I will not share the information with anyone other than Taylor Made - Ameritech. Thank you for any assistance you may provide, Brian
  5. I just putting it out there if anyone is looking to sell their 290 signature. I have a 25 foot now but really want to upgrade. Looking for 2004-2007 to use in Lake Powell. Already been down once this year but would love to get back on the water in a new boat. Let me know. Colleen colleena@thecrestwood.com
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