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Found 7 results

  1. x1y2z3

    Bilgepump in sumpbox on Sig290

    The bilge pump of the sumpbox is dead. After removing the pump I realized that there is a power failure as well. The pump is dead and blocked. This may have burned a fuse. I don't find any. Any suggestions?
  2. TX 290


    From the album: Chap 290 Sig

  3. Scottschmidt

    Trip Planning - Pacific Northwest 2016

    Hello all, I am looking for some advice for a trip I am planning for 2016. I have an 04' Chap 290 in Utah that I plan on trailering up to the Northwest to explore the San Juans and possibly up to Desolation Sound. I have been reading a few books in preparation and understand that I could probably spend the majority of the time around the San Juan and Southern Gulf Islands. I plan on two weeks on the water. This would be my first time to this area and am looking for some advice on stops around the area. I don't want to stay every night at a marina but a few would be fun. My kids are still young, they will be 6 and 4 next year and I am interested in hitting some of the marinas that have heated pools. I have really enjoyed reading Waggoner Cruising Guide and Best Anchorages of the Inside Passage. Is Anacortes a good place to start? Is June/July the best time of the year from everyone's experience? Gear: I plan on adding a tender/davit, as well as a good GPS (been looking at the Garmin 7610). Is a radar necessary in June/July? Any tenders or davits recommended for the 290? I will also add iNavx or Navionics to my iPad. Can't decide which yet. Looks like Navionics has a new app that I can't see to read too many reviews on. iNavx appears to have more capability. Salt Water: My boat has never been in the salt. Is there anything I should do ahead of time to prep the boat for the salt water? The boat should only be in the water 2-4 weeks. Will this do much damage to the longevity of the engines/outdrives? Training: Is there a recommended course to better understand the area/tides that people use? Anything online? Thanks for the advice. I have been to the San Juan Islands before by air and can't wait to explore the area by boat.
  4. Goula Guy

    Leaking fuel tank on 290 Signature

    I am dealing with a problems with my 290 Signature. About a month ago, I opened my engine room hatch and discovered raw fuel in the bilge (about 2" deep). The boat has been secured and all of the fuel has been pumped out of the tank and through a series of tests we have confirmed it is the tank leaking. Chaparral and the dealer both say that the generator and both engines have to be removed and the forward firewall and aft berth floor cut and removed to get at the tank. Does anyone have any experience with replacing the tank in this model? Method? Pictures? Thanks, Goula Guy
  5. Nazdrowie

    Toddler Proofing

    Any suggestions on making our boat safe & fun this summer would be greatly appreciated. it's a 290, we have two 20 month olds...last season they were just getting mobile but this years a whole different story!
  6. Nazdrowie

    945997 10201710526952268 2091864298 N

    From the album: Nazdrowie

  7. I just putting it out there if anyone is looking to sell their 290 signature. I have a 25 foot now but really want to upgrade. Looking for 2004-2007 to use in Lake Powell. Already been down once this year but would love to get back on the water in a new boat. Let me know. Colleen colleena@thecrestwood.com