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Found 11 results

  1. Hello All, I've decided to take fixing my boat into my own hands after a long list of failures by the dealer and mechanics. Up until about two years ago my 2013 310 signature has been running and working fine. After about two years of on and off neglect, it ended up having a gear oil leak and growth on the engines and hull, it needed to be hauled and fixed up. So far two mechanics have attempted to fix the enormous issues with this boat to no success. We've spent over 40,000 to have two drives replaced, on parts and labor. Then we got hit with a surprise 8000 bill for the boatyard while the mechanics lazily worked on the boat for nearly a year. Currently the boat is back together and will run in guardian mode. After being uncovered while in the boat yard for a year, the Garmin GPS and VHF no longer work. AS for the engines: All of the sensors are going wild on the port engine. and an occasional sensor on the starboard side. The mechanic has stated that all of the sensors are wrong, the oil is fine, the coolant and sea water pump are both okay as well. On the off chance that it isn't in guardian mode it will get up on plane and up to 33 knots. But nearly the entire time we can't go above 6 knots, can't get on plane, and the engine alarms are sounding the entire time. The mechanic claims to have replaced all sensors with no success. He is saying crazy theories about how it may have been struck by lighting and the wiring system is all messed up. Current overall issues with the boat: The engine sensors / boat won't get on plane / limited to 5-7 knots issue. (stuck in guardian mode) The toilet won't flush, the light in the head is always red and never green. (I suspect the vacuum pump is broken) The bilge pump float isn't operational, the pump itself works when activated from the helm, but not via float. The air conditioner will run in fan mode but never gets cold in AC mode, also appears to have mold on the return vent. The generator will not run at all. Has been serviced with tune up, oil change, sparks, carb etc. The shore power seems to be messed up. I have had four separate 30A-shorepower-cords catch fire at the lighthouse connection on three separate docks. (this first happened during the first month of ownership, unrelated to the neglect, the dealer was also of no help.) The rear storage hatch pops up when hitting waves and the boat bounces, it seems the latch can't hold it. The gas indicator gauge doesn't work. On one engine or another, one or more of the following are non- or malfunctioning: Trim, battery voltage, oil, rpm. The GPS won't turn on The VHF won't turn on. The engine hatch won't open. Every time I try to use hatch it will move up extremely slowly and the pop the breaker after 3-4 seconds. eventually I will get open enough to fit in, but takes about an hour. Both radio remote controls are non functioning, look water / sun damaged. The seats are all sun damaged. (the boat was left uncovered with engine hatch open for at least six months we suspect. The water smells gross / moldy after several flushings with fresh water. The middle glass hatch to walk-up through, flew off while underway. I was wondering where to purchase a new one? The screws holding the hardtop to the support rails bounce out while underway. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I love the boat, want to keep using it and start taking it to The Bahamas, if it could be trusted. I can't afford to hire too many more repairmen and none of them can seem to be trusted. I'm pretty handy myself and would rather money go to repairs than labor whenever possible. Please let me know any other info or media which may be helpful. Best, and thank you!
  2. Can the Chaparral folks weigh in with response here? We are the second owner of a 2010 Signature 310. It’s like it doesn’t exist though because there isn’t an owner manual or a parts guide on this site for the 2010 Signature 310. Was it a half year or something? The redesign shows up in the 2011 model year on here, but the 2010 seems to not exist. What gives?
  3. HELP! chaparrel 310 year 2010 engine hatch malfunction and can’t seem to figure out how to open it manually at all, any pictures would be a great support...I also contacted the local dealership and they seem to have no clue. best regards, Seif
  4. We have been looking at the 310 Signature. We are docked near Fairport Harbor, Lake Erie. I would like to know if any of you have a 310 Chap and use it in Lake Erie. How does it handle the waves and chop in Lake Erie? One other question, I know these are not fishing vessels however I would like to do some casting from this boat. Have any of you tried casting from the bow of your 310? Just curious. Thank you very much
  5. Looking for some help here. I am looking at a 2011 310 Signature. The boat has twin 6.2L engines with 54 Hours on them. However I recalled they never offered that boat with those engines. I asked the current owner and he said they were in there when he bought the boat. I called Chaparral support and sure enough the boat came with 5.0L Mercs. Can the 2011 310 Handle that much HP? The current brochure shows max HP at 600. How big of a deal is it to get a boat with an extra 40 HP? Should I stay clear of the boat?
  6. Ok so here is a loaded question. I have been looking at a bunch of boats transitioning from my 256 ssi (now sold) to a cruiser. Comparing a 2012 cruisers yatchs 310 express to a 2011 chaparral 310 signature. The cruisers has 320 fresh water hours on twin Volvo penta 5.0's no trailer which is fine since I'm in the salt water area with one in and one out a year. The Chap has a trailer and 54 fresh water hours twin 6.2's. The chap is 18k more. The seating arrangement on the Cruisers and the interior of the Cruisers is better holding 2 more top side and a more functional settee. Which is good since we often hold a lot of people. How do the two stack up as far as ride especially in the rough stuff? How about quality? The electrical on the Cruisers looks impeccable. Any feedback would be great. Thank you
  7. One day it was working fine. Next day, nothing from the horn itself, but I hear something that sounds like "PFFFFT". I'm thinking it may be the compressor or air hose, but where is it located? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  8. OK, old Man Murphy has been paying me multiple boat visits lately, and I'm hoping that someone has had a similar experience that can help with my generator problem. I have a 2008 Kohler 5ECD, and it's been running great. As stated, Murphy paid a visit to the boat, so I had a bunch of maintenance activities, so I decided I'd replace the Zinc Anode on the generator and flush and refill the coolant. As you can probably tell where this is going, I didn't do my homework, and only found out about the air lock problem on these units after I noticed the reservoir bottle boiling and spilling over into the bilge. After trying various tricks mentioned by other online on bleeding the air, I finally went to the auto part store and rented a radiator pressure tester. Got it up to 16 lbs as was mentioned as a possible solution to break the air lock. I finally talked to a local generator mechanic, and he said he runs into the airlock all the time, and the way he handles it is lets the coolant heat up, flow into the overflow bottle, then let it suck it back out of the bottle as it cools. He indicated I'd probably have to do this a few times. This is where my problem starts. I started this procedure, and I now have a leak at the cap connection. I've bought another cap, same issue. This started happening right after I put the tester on, so I'm wondering if I somehow put a groove into the neck and the cap won't seal. Obviously, if there is no seal, it can't flow into the bottle and back out again. I did put a towel on the cap, and put pressed down on it, and it flowed into the bottle, but it never flowed back out, because it wasn't tight. My questions: 1. Is it possible that I put a knick in the manifold cap connection by using the tester, making it en-even so a seal can form? 2. If I did do that, can I slowly try to even out the connection to get a good seal on the cap? I've been playing around with that this afternoon evening, and I seem to be making a bit of progress, not nearly as much coolant is leaking out of the cap. I've also used pliers to bend the ears on the cap to make it tighter. 3. Do I need to worry about running the generator so many times without a load. Basically, what I do is start it up, and let it get hot enough until the coolant leaks out from the cap, Any where from 3-7 minutes depending on how cool it was when I start. The unit never shuts down with codes or anything, I'm shutting it down manually. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, as we are coming up on the busy boating time here in Florida and with out AC, our time rafting up will be extremely limited. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  9. JasonMazz

    A/C Breaker

    My A/C breaker on the panel keeps popping on my 08 310. The A/C ran great all weekend, and went to put the boat in the lift, and realized it wasn't running and was hot in the cabin. Saw the switch was off, put in on and instantly closed back to off. This is on the shore power side, didn't try the generator side. I'm wondering if the pump is gone, we bought the boat new in 09, and the A/C units down here get a ton of usage during the summer. Trying to see if anyone else has experienced this and what the problem was. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  10. Has anyone had the problem that the Empty Green status light on the holding tank monitor in the head stays on? I know the tank isn't empty by physically taking a light and looking at it. I never run the risk of getting to 3/4, so don't know if that or the full works or not. I'll probably fill with water this weekend while at the pump out dock to see if those work, since they are the most important. But thought I'd see if anyone had encountered the constant on Empty indicator problem. Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. Hi Everybody, We have a new Chaparral 310 signature 2011 with twin 5 liter V-8 Previously we had a signature 290 with twin V-6 4,3 liter Someone has experience on fuel consumption with V-8's? Michel
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