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Found 9 results

  1. I bought a 2014 Chapparal 327 ssx from Florida, lift kept. Now in NJ slip. Did not realize 5-6 years was one of the marks where you need to replace a lot. I thought lift kept was good and now it has seemed to be the reason for nothing but problems. I suggest not getting a lift kept boat and also having a mechanic inspect the boat before you buy it as I only had a surveyor. Manifolds both need to be replaced, all O2 sensors, water pressure sensor, and possibly sea water pump. And there was much more replaced after we bought it. Got an awesome deal on the boat but have many issues. I guess that’s the cost of a deal ‘too good’.
  2. Hi I am looking to purchase a zipper extension for my enclosure, it says 8mm or 10mm for the zipper for the enclosure. I don’t have access to my boat. Do you guys know if it is 8mm or 10mm?
  3. Looking for aft curtain for my 327 SSX
  4. anyone w/ a 327 SSX have a lift? or trailer? if so, can you tell me what the proper width apart are your bunks? Lift should be completed this week but i imagine i will need to adjust. thanks
  5. I have 327 ssx and when I switch from shore power to generator it won't switch over. I have the generator turned on and the slide moved but when I flip the switch I get no amps. Any ideas?
  6. http://www.boattest.com/boats/boat_video.aspx?ID=2537
  7. The vent fiberglass cover that is the same color of boat on the port side fell off. They are just glued on. The dealer sent me another one and I put it on with 5200. Let it cure for a week and took the boat out. It was on so I thought but after I returned from a ride it was gone again. Any tips on attaching these things?
  8. JAM ONE

    Need Input

    Hello members,I have just signed up on this forum because I need fellow members input.....after much research I have decided to order the Chaparral 327 SSX.This I will be doing in September and will have in possesion by spring of 2013.The boat will be kept at a lake front home on Lake Simcoe (Ontario,Canada)which my wife and I are in the process of buying at this time,just sold our home in Toronto...we are both in our mid 50's(no kids) and as of Dec.31st will both be retired and have planned out our retirement years and have made several life changing decisions.But now I need input,after scouring the web I still cannot decide on the size of engine to order the boat with or which make to go with(volvo penta or merc)I know the options that I will be ordering it with and for sure it will have either the Volvo joystick or Merc axius but when it comes to the power plant and make that is where I need input and suggestions that I can take into consideration to make my decision.I have been at the dealer who happens to have a 327(black)with the merc 8.1's and no axius and they really were pushing that boat....even though it was not the color I want(red) and no axius. Please all 327 owners on this forum your input and suggestions would be greatly appreciated....laying out this kind of cash I do want to get it right...I look forward to your valued input. JAM ONE.
  9. Not too many items in need of repair but here are few that I found. door latches that need adjustment, a switch not wired correctly and a DC outlet forgotten the big one that keeps me from using the boat is below this one i think needs a plastic insert the dash blows open at about 15mph anyone know what part this is?
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